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If you’re thinking of owning a husky, you’ll want to know the average prices, and how much you should expect to create this article, I took the 20 most popular states for Siberian huskies and found out the average price that breeders typically charge. I’ll cover additional info on how much huskies cost to own every month.

How Much Do Siberian Huskies Cost?

The average cost of a Siberian husky in the USA is $700 – $1300. Prices vary depending on location, blood lineage, the breeder, markings & colors, availability, and registration status.

The breeder and the dog’s pedigree will also affect the cost of the husky. Husky’s with a “better” bloodline and pedigree can be upwards of $2000. By “better” this usually means of show dog quality.If you opt for adopting/rescuing a husky, you can expect to pay a lower price of around $200-400. Adopting a husky is not just a way to save money, its a great way of giving a dog a home that they’re in need of. Although it’s advised to properly do research on the adoption company, and the dog’s profile before going ahead.

How Much Do Huskies Cost In The UK?

In the UK, Huskies cost between £500-£1200. The price of a husky varies depending on it’s blood lineage, the breeder, markings & colors, general availability, and whether it’s already registered or not.

As far as the monthly costs go, most owners pay between £60-£100 per month on their husky. This covers basic things like a premium diet, treats, and toys. If you include professional services, the monthly cost increases dramatically.

How Much Huskies Cost In 20 States: What To Expect

Here are the 20 states where Siberian huskies are the most popular. Each average price has been taken from researching multiple websites, breeders, asking friends in the area, and other husky groups.

StateAverage Cost

What States Are Huskies Most Popular In?

The following countries will be covered below for the average pricing of this amazing breed!

  1. Washington
  2. Tennesee
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. Alabama
  5. North Carolina
  6. South Carlina
  7. Idaho
  8. West Virginia
  9. North Dakota
  10. Indiana
  11. Oregan
  12. Rhode Island
  13. Kentucky
  14. Michigan
  15. Montana
  16. Minnesota
  17. Delaware
  18. Missouri
  19. California
  20. Wisconsin

How Much Do Huskies Cost To Own? Monthly Breakdown

The cost of getting your husky is one thing, the next important part to think about is the running maintenance costs of owning a husky. People often say a bigger dog means bigger bills… Let’s take a look at whether this is true for the Siberian Husky.

Here’s the summary:

In general, huskies cost around $135 per month. This takes into consideration premium food ($40), insurance ($35), optional grooming ($20), toys ($10), and other items ($30). The monthly cost can rise dramatically if you opt for more expensive kibble or a raw food diet.

Cost of food for a Siberian Husky

Thankfully, this medium to large breed doesn’t require much food, and will even refuse the food once feeling full. Due to their interesting history, Siberian huskies have a super-efficient metabolism and do not need a huge amount of food for long-lasting energy. However, huskies are also sensitive eaters and you may need to do some initial testing to see what brand of dog food works best for your husky. The raw diet is also very common, some say this is great for huskies and some say it isn’t, that’s a discussion saved for another article. But one thing to know is that a raw diet can be very expensive. Depending on the brand that you go for, you can expect to pay around $55 for a 25lb bag of premium dog food tailored towards dogs with sensitive stomachs (like huskies). The average scoop is roughly 0.25lb and huskies typically eat 2-3 scoops per day. Meaning a 25lb bag would last around 40 days which averages at around 9 bags per year, and 9 x $55 is $495 USD per year on dog food. Per month it averages to $40

You should also be providing treats for your husky for training purposes and rewarding good behavior. I have an in-depth article on the best treats for huskies

Cost of vet bills for a Siberian Husky

Again, thankfully, Siberian huskies are generally a healthy breed, but they are prone to a few health conditions which can come with a large bill. One other thing that effects vet bills is the state where you live, it’s best to research the cost of vet bills where you are topdeblogs.comrding to Embrace Pet Insurance, you can expect to pay this much for common health issues of huskies:

Health ConditionCost

These can be quite a big issue if you are not covered by dog insurance; again, another cost you will have every month. I have a whole article dedicated to dog insurance for huskies, check that out here.

Other costs for a Siberian Husky

There are also other costs you will need to cover for your husky, things like grooming and toys can get expensive if it becomes a regular expenditure. Grooming your husky is super important to keep them looking and feeling healthy. Husky’s have a thick coat that sheds for the summer months and stays thick for the winter topdeblogs.comrdless of the shedding season, your husky should be well-groomed all year round, it’s possible that you can do this once you have some basic equipment, or you could pay for this service.

Huskies are energetic and playful and need to be stimulated in order to be a calm and happy dog. You will need a constant supply of toys and as they’re heavy chewers, you can expect an ongoing cost of about $10-15 per month on toys.

How much per month will a Siberian Husky cost?

If you take a look at all the things you need to buy for your husky every month, like food, grooming, insurance, toys you’ll start to see that owning a dog may not be as cheap as you expected!

If you consider food ($40), Insurance ($35), Grooming ($20), Toys ($10) and extra miscellaneous items ($30) you are looking at a total of around $135 per month, to keep your husky, happy.

If you were to need extra services like professional dog training, the costs would rise dramatically. To have someone else train your husky, could cost anywhere between $50 – $150 per month. Although most people train their husky themselves.

There are ways to keep costs down and this depends on how creative you are, you could make dog toys instead of buying them, and you could also learn how to properly groom your husky yourself. Both of these would save a nice amount of money every month.

Why Are Huskies So Expensive?

Many people consider huskies to be expensive, of course, that’s subjective and everyone has different views of what expensive is.For me, huskies are on the expensive side, especially if you’re looking for purebreds with specific markings or eye colors. And that’s exactly where the price increases. Red huskies, in my experience, are more expensive, and eye color (even though it may change) also plays a factor.I think because huskies are such a visual breed, a lot of value is put on their appearance and this is why they’re expensive. Huskies have a big wow factor and this kind of perception will naturally increase their value and price.


The Siberian Husky may not be the cheapest of breeds, but they are an amazing one. Money shouldn’t be the deciding factor when getting a dog, your love, time and dedication are the most important things to come first. Before getting any dog, especially a Siberian Husky, first, do research on the breed and find out whether they are suitable for you and your lifestyle. Here’s an interesting post on 10 Important Facts You Need to Know Before Getting a Husky

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