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7 Uses For Silicone Scrubbing Gloves That Make Cleaning Easy

cleaning gloves

There are certain things I always hand wash, either because they’re too bulky to fit in my dishwasher or because they aren’t dishwasher-safe. And I never look forward to doing it, because it leaves my sink area a soapy mess and my hands are always dried out afterward!

And don’t even get me started on dish sponges and scrub brushes, which are usually either grimy at best or full-on stinky at worst. These unpleasant factors led me to dread those necessary hand washing sessions, until I recently adopted a new dishwashing tool that solved nearly all of my hand washing complaints!

That tool was a pair of silicone scrubbing gloves that feature tiny silicone bristles on the fingers and palms that make it quick and easy to scrub away food particles and residue. After using them for the first time, I was blown away at how effectively they cleaned my dishes, and even more impressed when I pulled them off to reveal that my hands were still soft and hydrated!

Today, I wanted to tell you all about these cleaning gloves in case you could use a pair as well. I’ll start by sharing some of things I like most about them, and then we’ll explore several ways you can put them to good use not just in your kitchen, but all over the house!

5 Things I Love About These Silicone Scrubbing Gloves

cleaning gloves

1. They’re Cleaner Than A Sponge

With these gloves, you can toss that stinky sponge out! Silicone is cleaner and more durable than the average kitchen sponge, which is actually a known “fomite” (an object that carries bacteria from one surface to another).

When your gloves start to look dingy or grimy, you can just toss them on the top rack of your dishwasher to clean them! They even have little loops you can use to hang them up to dry.

cleaning gloves

2. They’re Inexpensive

At only $9.99, these silicone scrubbing gloves are a total steal! And with as thick as they are, they’re bound to be much more durable than your average sponge or cleaning gloves.

No more re-stocking your kitchen cleaning supplies every month, since these gloves are sure to last for years to come!

cleaning gloves

3. They Save Soap And Water

Since silicone doesn’t absorb soap and water like a sponge does, more of your dish soap will go towards tackling tough grease on your dishes and less will go to waste.

It also means that you’ll wash your dishes more effectively in less time, which will save you water too!

cleaning gloves

4. They Do A Thorough Job

Between the hundreds of tiny bristles and the flexibility of the gloves, it couldn’t be easier to clean out every nook and cranny of whatever you happen to be washing. You don’t have to use very much pressure at all, and no crack or crevice goes unscrubbed!

cleaning gloves

5. They Protect Your Hands

Made from thick waterproof silicone, these gloves will help protect your hands from the drying effects of dish soap and hot water. They’ll also protect your hands from whatever mystery gunk may be clinging to your dishes!

(But if your hands are already dried out and could use some TLC, check out these helpful tips!)

Now that you know why these silicone scrubbing gloves are so amazing, let’s talk about the many ways you can use them around the house!

7 Ways To Use Silicone Scrubbing Gloves

cleaning gloves

1. Wash Dirty Dishes

Simply slip on the gloves, add a couple drops of dish soap and a splash of water, and rub your hands together to create a thick lather. You’ll be able to tackle a sink full of dishes in no time, and as I mentioned before, it’ll be so easy you might even enjoy it!

2. Wipe Countertops

Put those scrubbing bristles to good use by scrubbing down your countertops! You may need to apply a little pressure to tackle caked-on messes, but you can rest assured that the soft silicone won’t scratch or damage even the most vulnerable stone countertops.

Cleaning countertops with these gloves is a little bit like finger painting, only with much more satisfying results! 🙂

cleaning gloves

3. Wash Fresh Produce

Use these gloves and a bit of water to wash away the pesticides and waxes that commonly linger on apples, cucumbers, and other fruits and vegetables. (For an added cleaning boost, add a drop of lemon essential oil to your rinse water.)

4. Scrub Tile

Whether it’s a tiled shower enclosure or a tile floor in your kitchen, grimy tile is no match for these silicone scrubbing gloves combined with my powerful DIY shower cleaner!

Just apply the cleaning solution to your tile, wait a half hour or so, then use the gloves to scrub the gunk and grime. Rinse thoroughly, and enjoy admiring your gleaming tile surfaces!

cleaning gloves

5. Peel Garlic & Onions

The slightly tacky silicone surface of these gloves makes them great for removing the papery skins from garlic and onions! Just roll the garlic cloves or onion around in your hands to slough off the outer layers quickly and easily.

6. Wash Your Car

When it comes time to wash the car, no one wants to spend all afternoon scrubbing at those impossibly-stubborn bug splatters and dried bird poop! A pair of these scrubbing gloves will make short work of those tough messes that even a trip through the car wash won’t remove.

cleaning gloves

7. Wash Pet Fur

If your pet has a thick coat of fur, it may feel like you’re simply washing the outer layer of fur when you give them a bath.

But the durable bristles on these gloves will help get the shampoo deeper into that thick fur. And I bet your furry friend will love all the scratches and attention too! 😉

8. Remove Pet Hair From Furniture

Speaking of pets, you can also use these gloves to remove cat and dog hair from your furniture! Pull them on when they’re clean and dry, then rub your gloved hands over your sofas, lounge chairs, lampshades, and even the interior of your car to pick up fur, hair, and lint.

For more helpful hacks for dealing with pet hair, check out my list of pet hair hacks!

cleaning gloves

In Summary

These gloves are easily the most useful tool I’ve purchased on Amazon recently, and I’m happy I got to share them with you today so I can hear what you think! While these silicone wonders can tackle a wide variety of cleaning tasks, there are plenty of other tried-and-true cleaning products I’ve bought online that may prove useful to you, which you can check out in this blog post.

Do you have a favorite cleaning tool you’ve been using recently?

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