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Top 10 Video Players for Slow Motion[2021]


Top 10 Video Players for Slow Motion

Slow-motion in videos has become the new normal. No matter what kind of video you are watching, whether it’s a movie, celebration video, or documentary, it will have one or two scenes that are based on Slow Motion. It attracts the viewers and makes the videos more astounding and amazing. But such videos need video players that can support slow motion to provide you with the best results possible. Slow motion videos are produced using high frames per second that’s why not all video players can play such FPS smoothly which can make you have the worst experience. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the Top 10 Video Players for Slow Motion Videos that will help you enjoy your favorite videos to their fullest without any inconvenience.

Program Operating System Free or Paid Video-Editing Feature Wondershare Player Windows, Mac Free Yes B.S Player Windows, Android Free & Paid No Quintic Player Windows, Mac Free & Paid Yes Window Media Player 11 or Above Windows Free No VLC Player Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS Free Yes Elmedia Player Mac Free No Flip Player Mac Free & Paid Yes SloPro iOS, Windows Free & Paid Yes Slow Motion Video Windows Free No ProAm – Analysis Studio Windows Free & Paid Yes

1. Wondershare Player

Price: Free


First on our list is Wondershare Player. We placed it in the first place because it is more than just a simple Video Plyer. Wondershare Player comes with a wide variety of features and options which makes it unique and different from all other players. There is no video format that this player will not support and play. From MKV to AVI, it will help you play all your videos without any error. If you love your videos with subtitles, it can Load and play subtitle files in ASS, SSA, and SRT. With Wondershare Player at your back, you don’t have to worry about slow loading of the videos, jerky pauses. Due to its X technology, Wondershare Player consumes a very small memory of your PC to play movies. It let you enjoy your favorite videos without any interference.


  • Supports Standard & HD video/audio & DVD
  • MKV, WMV, MPEG, AVI, and many other formats
  • Supports Audio formate: WMA, MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, etc.
  • Fast Loading and Playtime
  • Auto Shutdown after Playback
  • Supports ASS, SSA, and SRT subtitles


  • Advanced Codecs
  • GPU Hardware Optimization
  • Customizable Subtitles


  • Complex to learn

2. BS. Player

Price: Free – $29.99


  1. Player is a widely used media player throughout the world. It has been translated into more than 90 languages. It occupies very low memory and storage of a PC, which means it can run on low-end PCs without any trouble. It supports a wide range of video and audio formats such as WebM, Xvid, Avi, mpg, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, 3ivx, YouTube streaming video, AVC HD, QT QuickTime MOV, RM Real media, and many many more. and plays HD videos with minimum system requirements. It has a free version for users as well, with limited features. The users can always upgrade to the paid version to access more features and options. The special thing about BS. Player is that it supports a huge list of subtitle formats including but not limited to MicroDVD .sub, VobSub .sub + .idx,, SubStation,,


  • Supports a wide variety of Video & Audio Formats
  • Available in more than 90 languages
  • Minimum System Requirements


  • Several Subtitle formats Support
  • Automatically downloads missing subtitles
  • Play and save Youtube videos Directly from the Internet


  • Limited Features
  • Paid Media Player

3. Quintic Player

Price: Free


Quintic is a free Media Player that allows its users to watch most video formats. It enables users to share the program with others through email to watch it together for any coaching instructions, Conferences, Reminders, and so on. Users can play their video frame by frame for any analyzing anything in the video


  • Zoom in & Zoom out
  • Flip and Rotate
  • Frame by Frame Playback


  • Text & Audio Memo Stopwatch
  • Ten Key Frame Marker


  • Limited Features
  • Few Video Formats Support

4. Windows Media Player 11 or above

Price: Free


Video Media Player is designed by Microsoft to run and display Video, Audio, and Images in PCs that have Microsoft Windows Operating System and Windows-Based Mobile Devices. It has also been developed for macOS. It allows users to rip music from and copy music to Compact Discs, burn recordable discs. It supports Windows Media Codecs, WAV, and MP3 media formats. Windows Media Player allows users to synchronize with portable handheld devices and game consoles.


  • Core Playback
  • Library Functions
  • Visualizations
  • Disc Burning and Ripping


  • Portable Device Synchronization
  • Enhanced Playback Features
  • Shell Integration
  • Skin Mode


  • Limited Formats Support
  • Security Issues

5. VLC Player

Price: Free


VideoLAN Client, commonly known as VLC Media Player, is an open-source cross-platform Media Player. VLC is available for desktop Operating Systems and Mobile phone Operating Systems as well including Android, iOS, and Windows Phones. It supports a broad range of video formats. It enables users to stream videos directly from the internet and transcode multimedia files. It has a very easy-to-use and simple user interface that makes it easy for a newbie to use it.


  • Supports an extensive range of Video & Audio Formats
  • Stream media over Computer Network
  • Supports various Operating Systems


  • Video Editing Features
  • Play Slow Motion Videos
  • Transcodes Multimedia Files


  • Complex Features

6. Elmedia Player

Price: Free


Elmedia Player is a free Media Player for macOS. It supports versatile video formats including but not limited to FLV, MP4, AVI, MOV, DAT, MKV, MP3, FLAC, M4V, and Blu-ray. It allows the users to watch their favorite HD videos smoothly without any interruption and jerks. It comes with a user manual to help users understand it very well to avoid any trouble.


  • Create Bookmarks
  • Advance Video Playback
  • Supports a multiple Video Formats


  • Free to Use
  • Loop Media Files
  • Audio Delay


  • Only for Mac

7. Flip Player

Price: Free – $29


Flip Player is specially designed and developed for macOS. It not only allows users to watch slow-motion videos but also enables the users to create slow-motion videos with its video editing feature. It has a very simple and easy-to-use user interface. It comes with a user guide to answer all the frequently asked questions about Flip Player.


  • Replay Navigation
  • Non-Intrusive Playback
  • Background Light Control


  • Supports all popular formats
  • Easy to use & Simple Interface


  • Limited features with Free Version

8. SloPro

Price: Free – $3.99


SloPro states that it can make your fast video very slow up to 1000FPS. It allows its users to record videos at a normal speed, then import them into SloPro and make them Super Slow using its editing feature. Apart from Slow Motion, it provides many more features to its users including Fast Motion, Ghosting, Optical Flow, Frame Blending, Exposure Lock, and much more in a single software. It also empowers users to share their final videos directly to social media platforms like Facebook and Youtube.


  • Super Slow Motion Effect
  • Frame Blending
  • In-App Sharing
  • Exposure Lock


  • Multiple Slow Motion Effects
  • Slow Motion up to 1000FPS


  • Free Version comes with Watermark

9. Slow Motion Video

Price: Free


It is the simplest and easy use Media Player on this list that makes it very convenient for users to use it without any technical knowledge and skills. It is best used for Sports Videos, Dance Videos, and other kinds of Hilarious Videos. It allows the users to play and save videos in Slow Motion, and Fast Motion as well.


  • Slow Motion Effect
  • 2x Fast Motion Effect


  • Free to Use
  • User-Friendly User Interface


  • No Audio on Saved Videos

10. ProAm – Analysis Studio

Price: Free – $65


ProAm Media Player helps you in capturing and analyzing the important movement of any sport. It is the best tool if you are a sportsman, or working in the sports industry. It helps you analyze each and every movement of the matches to learn from others and to improve your own mistakes.


  • Annotate your videos with drawings and notes
  • Compare two videos side-by-side
  • Easily share your annotated videos
  • Simple and easy to use


  • Side-by-Side Analysis
  • Up to 125 FPS Recording


  • Limited features in Free Version


Do you want to give your videos a cool Slow Motion? Filmora X is here to help you achieve that goal. Apart from its various different features and amazing options, Filmora X provides its users with the ability to make their video Super Slow in just a few simple steps. It not only provides your videos a slow motion, but it also helps users to make their video wondrous with its cool effects, seamless transitions, and hundreds of elements. So make your videos astounding with Filmora X.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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