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Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Pre-Orders Sell Out Immediately at Target


Pre-orders for the very flashy, and equally cool Xbox Series X Mini Fridge started at Target today, but they sold out almost straight away!

The Xbox Series X is extremely hard to find at the moment, so some Xbox fans may have been hoping that getting their hands on a console-shaped fridge would soften the blow.

Unfortunately, it looks like even fewer will be getting to cool their drinks in the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge.

The Xbox Series X console shortage will continue until 2022, so many gamers will be left without a next-gen console until then. However, to add insult to injury, it seems even more difficult to buy a fridge that looks like the console.

Target held the first Xbox Series X Mini Fridge pre-orders today, but very few people actually managed to buy one.

Before you find out the details, be sure to check out how to pre-order an Xbox Series X Mini Fridge.

How to Pre-Order the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge - Release Date, Price & More

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Sold Out at Target Amid Website Issues

While most players are checking their local stores as Target has started in-store Xbox Series X restocks, others are still searching online. Not for the console, but for the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge.

Pre-orders for the fridge went on sale on the Target website today earlier today. However, they sold out in a couple of minutes.

To make matters even worse, the Target website had an issue that prevented customers from buying their fridges. For many, it appeared that the fridge was sold out immediately, which didn’t even give people a chance to order one.

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Currently, it is not known how many were sold and how many more will be put for pre-order. However, we do know that this is a Target-exclusive item so any more will only go on sale there.

Let’s hope that legitimate Xbox fans have managed to buy the item. We wouldn’t want them to be sold by scalpers on eBay for extortionate prices like the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X.

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Unfortunately, GameStop’s Halo Infinite restock week disappointed Xbox fans too. The mini-fridge selling out is just the latest let-down.

At least they can look forward to next month though. Walmart has announced it will be having Early Access Black Friday console restocks.

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