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Top 7 Best Small Juicer Reviews & Buying Guide of 2021

Nothing brings out the nutrients to produce more than a juicer. However, one of the most common issues with juicers is that they take up a lot of space. This is frustrating to deal with. Because of this, there is a clear demand for a different kind of juicer – the small juicer. You will get a lot out of a small juicer if your kitchen is already crowded with other appliances. Small juicers operate in the same way as their bigger counterparts. The only real difference is that they are much smaller in size and they are travel-friendly. Different small juicers do different things and it is quite a task to find the best small juicer that is right for you.

Seven Best Compact Juicers in Details :

1. “Juice Fountain” Compact Juicer by Breville

“Juice Fountain” Compact Juicer by Breville

This Breville juicer is a relatively compact size juicer. One of the most frustrating aspects of using any juicer is the amount of time it takes to actually place produce inside of the juicer. Most of them have a really small feed tube and most juicers also do not yield a lot of juice anyway. This can even turn people away from juicers at large because of how frustrating this is.

Travel size Breville’s Juice Fountain solves both of these problems. It contains a 3 inch centered feed tube, which means you will not need to cut up all kinds of fruits, celery and vegetables to put inside of the feed tube. This makes the juicing process much faster and you will appreciate this.

Something else you will also appreciate about the Juice Fountain is that it yields a lot more juice compared to other juicers. This is possible by way of its micro-mesh filter. Because you get a lot more juice, you also get a lot more nutrients with the Juice Fountain. It s one of the best mini juicers as well.

Because of all this as well as the 700-watt motor, you will need several things in place in order to operate the Juice Fountain. You’ll need the cover and locking arm in place in order for it to even work. The Juice Fountain also contains a lot of parts that must be cleaned. It is nice that these parts are dishwasher safe, but it is still inconvenient that all these small parts need to be cleaned.

2. Slow masticating juicer and extractor by Aicok

Slow masticating juicer and extractor by Aicok

Centrifugal juicers are really useful if you are looking for a juicer that can make juice really quickly. They can often create juice from whole fruits and vegetables in seconds. However, there is a tradeoff to this, and that is the amount of juice that you get as well as the nutrients that these juices contain.

Aicok’s juicer uses a masticating process, which means it will yield a lot more juice than retains a lot more nutrients. This allows you to get a pure extract from fruits and vegetables that you can either consume by yourself or use in recipes. You’ll instantly notice this difference and you will appreciate it.

Not only will Aicok’s extractor make more juice with more nutrients, but it also has options to remove the pulp without removing nutrients. This is fantastic for anybody who prefers juice with no pulp who also wants to get a lot of nutrients out of their juice. Aicok is also a compact juicer that is convenient to use and easy to clean.

Like with any masticating juicer, you will need to wait a long time for your juice to be made when using Aicok’s extractor. You will also need to do a lot of pre-cutting since only small pieces of fruit and vegetables can be extracted at a time. You’ll need to look for a centrifugal juicer if you need a juicer that can make juice really fast.

3. Citrus Mini Juicer by Black+Decker

Citrus Mini Juicer by Black+Decker

Juicing as a meal replacement is relatively simple. You place the amount of produce that you want to juice into the juicer then drink said juice. Juicing as a part of a recipe is a completely different story. Prepare to do a lot of guesswork if you do not know exactly how much juice a particular piece of product yields.

This guesswork is eliminated with Black+Decker’s citrus juicer. The container itself contains measurements which means that you’ll be able to know exactly how much juice you have on hand. This will save a lot of time when you need fresh juice for recipes.

In most juicers, the pulp of what is being juiced usually just drops into a reservoir that gets emptied when cleaned later. You can empty some of this pulp into your own container if you want, but this is pretty difficult. Black+Decker’s citrus juicer contains pulp control and it also contains a removable basket that you can easily empty into your own container. Or you can just throw it out. This makes things a little more convenient.

Unfortunately, Black+Decker’s citrus juicer is one-dimensional in its use. It only juices items that are citrus-based. It is respectably compact in size. You will need to look for a different juicer if you are looking for an all-purpose juicer.

4. “Juice Fountain Plus” by Breville

“Juice Fountain Plus” by Breville

As fantastic as juicers are, a lot of them do not extract the amount of nutrients, minerals, or vitamins from the produce that you put in them. This is frustrating to deal with, especially if you are the type who enjoys juicing as a meal replacement. Those types need their juice to contain as many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals as possible.

You are going to get a lot out of Breville’s Juice Fountain Plus if you are looking for a juicer that retains nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. You get that with the Juice Fountain Plus. The mesh filter that it possesses will extract up to 30% more juice and 40% more nutrients. This is perfect for anybody who is interested in fresh juice as a meal replacement.

Another good thing about the Breville Juice Fountain Plus is that it is compact in size and easy to use. It is also dishwasher safe. It has a safety locking arm which will provide overload protection. The fact that it is dishwasher safe makes it much easier to clean than other small juicers as well.

Unfortunately, it will take a long time to take the Juice Fountain Plus apart so that you can clean it. It contains a lot more parts than the common mini juicer, and the cleaning process is still very time consuming even if it is dishwasher safe.

5. Pulp control citrus juicer by Cuisinart

Pulp control citrus juicer by CuisinartYou can’t control how much or how little pulp you get with most juicers. This is very frustrating to deal with, whether you are making juice as a meal replacement or whether you are making juice in recipes. Most of the time, you’ll need to deal with the pulp that comes out of the juicer, no matter what kind of form it takes.

This issue is solved with Cuisinart’s citrus juicer. It has pulp control settings and this is perfect for anybody who regularly juices citrus based fruit. You’ll be surprised at the options that you get from this. You will also get more juice from the pulp with its final spin feature. This is another really good thing about it because most citrus juicers do not yield a lot of juice.

Making citrus juice is really messy, and a lot of them do not accommodate this with their design. Fortunately, Cuisinart’s juicer does accommodate it with its snap-up spout. This prevents dripping and you’ll be able to fill more glasses of juice because of it.

You will need to look elsewhere if you are looking for a juicer that can make juice out of anything that is made of citrus, however. Cuisinart’s citrus juicer is one-dimensional in the kind of juice it makes and this will limit your options.

6. Centrifugal juicer machine by Hamilton Beach

Centrifugal juicer machine by Hamilton Beach review

A lot of juicer machines don’t provide a lot of options as to what kinds of food items you can make juice from. Some of them only make juice from fruit made of citrus, some of them make juice from most products but not all of it, and so on. This is what can turn some off from juicers.

Hamilton Beach’s centrifugal juicer gives you all the options that you need. Its 3 inch feed chute allows you to place whole fruits and vegetables inside of it to be juiced. This reduces pre-cutting and because it is centrifugal, it means that it can make juice out of anything that has any kind of juice content, even things such as kale or beets.

You will also experience continuous juicing with Hamilton Beach’s juicer. It contains an 800 watt motor which reduces a lot of wait time when it comes to making juice. This is especially useful when juicing produce that is dense.

Understand that there is no pulp control with Hamilton Beach’s juicer. It also does not yield a lot of juice nor does the juice you get out of it retain a lot of nutrients. This is an issue with centrifugal juicers at large, but it is even more pronounced here. You’re going to want to look elsewhere if you are looking for a juicer that yields a lot of juice and nutrients from the juice.

7. Fruit and vegetable juice extractor by Black+Decker

Fruit and vegetable juice extractor by Black+Decker

One of the most common complaints about any juicer is that not only do they contain too many parts to manage, it is that they also contain parts that are difficult to clean after using. This is one of many things that can turn others off of them. You will not need to worry about any of this with Black+Decker’s juice extractor.

The parts of it are dishwasher safe and you also do not need to clean a lot of them in the first place. This makes it a lot easier to use and a lot less intimidating for those who are new to juicing. Excess pulp is also something that can turn others off of juicers. Fortunately, Black+Decker’s extractor has blades that are so strong that it removes pulp completely. This is perfect for anybody who does not prefer to have any pulp in their fruit or vegetable juice.

The stronger the blade mechanisms in a juicer and the more powerful the juicer is, the less juice gets produced. This is true for all juicers and it is also true with Black+Decker’s juice extractor. Do not expect it to yield a lot of juice, much less juice with a lot of nutrients, since a lot of the nutrients in any given kind of product are usually in the pulp.

Comparison table of Best Small Juicer


Item Dimensions


Type Weight Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain 7.4 x 10.4 x 12.7 inches Centrifugal 4.39 Kilogram Juicer Machines, Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer 16.1 x 7.9 x 11.6 inches Masticating 3.74 Kilogram BLACK+DECKER 32oz Citrus Juicer 7.68 x 7.68 x 9.5 inches Citrus Juicer 1.097 Kilogram Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain 13.2 x 16.5 x 18.2 inches Centrifugal 4.5 Kilogram Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine 9.25 x 13 x 16.25 inches Centrifugal BLACK+DECKER (JE2200B) 13 x 9 x 9 inches Centrifugal 2.49 Kilogram

Small Juicers: A Buying Guide

Not all small juicers are the same, and you’ll need to consider a few things before buying one. There are a lot of minor details about what small juicers can do that can affect your decision.

Centrifugal or masticating?

A basic rule of thumb when it comes to juicers is that the faster it makes juice, the fewer nutrients are retained. The perfect illustration of this is the difference between centrifugal juicers or masticating juicers.

The former can make juice really quickly but not only do they not yield a lot of juice, but the juice also loses a lot of nutrients. Masticating juicers take a lot longer to make juice, but the juice retains a lot more nutrients.

What kinds of food items do you need to juice?

Some juicers can make juice out of any kind of product, but some have specialties.

A lot of juicers specialize in citrus-based fruit, and they give you more options with said citrus fruit that you would not enjoy with juicers that work for multiple kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Do you have pulp preferences?

Whenever anything is juiced, it creates pulp.

Some juicers leave the pulp intact when the juicing process is over and some of them have options to remove the pulp.

It’s up to you to decide which kind of juicer works best for you in terms of whether they produce pulp or not.

Do you need a juicer for meal replacements or for recipes?

People typically buy juicers for two reasons.

The first is to make juice as a meal replacement. Fresh juice has been proven to be perfect for replacing meals, especially on the go. People also use juicers to make extracts for food preparation. They aren’t interested in drinking it. Different juicers specialize in these and it is up to you to see which one is best for you according to these needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best juicer to buy for home use?

A: The answer to this question really depends on what you need the juicer for. Unfortunately, there are no juicers that can do everything so you will need to sacrifice something. If you are making juice that can replace meals, you might want a masticating juicer as you will get more juice with more nutrients. More patience is required for these, but the quality is unbeatable. If you want to quickly make a lot of juice for food preparation, you might want a centrifugal juicer.

Q: Are masticating or centrifugal juicers better?

A: Both of these juicers have their own benefits and drawbacks. Masticating juicers use small pieces of fruits and vegetables to create juice that contains a lot of extract and nutrients. However, they take a very long time to make juice. Centrifugal juicers are capable of making a lot of juice really quickly because you can often juice whole fruits and vegetables with them. However, they do not yield as much juice or nutrients.

Q: Are slow juicers really better?

A: In terms of total juice that you can yield from a single fruit or vegetable and in terms of nutrients that the juice has, they are. You’ll get better “quality” juice and more of it by using a slow juicer. However, you need to be really patient in using one, as you can only juice small pieces of fruits and vegetables with slow juicers.

Q: What can you put in a masticating juicer?

A: Masticating juicers get the most out of fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of juices. Dense fruits and vegetables do not have a lot of juice, and if you put these in a masticating juicer, you will not get a lot of juice. Other than that, you can practically put anything in a masticating juicer, just make sure the pieces are really small.


Small juicers are a wonderful addition to any kitchen and even some restaurants can use them. Something that you need to understand, however, is that small juicer have different properties and specialize in making certain kinds of juices from certain kinds of fruits and vegetables.

While it would be nice if there were “all-purpose” small juicers, this, unfortunately, is not the case. However, it is easy to see which juicers do which things and what exactly they specialize in.

Take note of all the specializations so that you can make the best decision you can on a small juicer.

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