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Smoked Old Fashioned – Smoke and Spice Quarantine Cocktail – Cocktail Contessa

Cocktail with orange peel and sugar cubes
Smoke and Spice Old Fashioned

Fourth in our Quarantine Old Fashioned series is this Smoked Old Fashioned. This is a return to the basics from the riffs we’ve been doing the last 3 days. For this cocktail I returned to my most basic formula: 2 oz bourbon, 1/2 oz demerara and orange/angostura bitters and tweaked it just a smidge to add bitters with smoke and a little heat.

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Smoked Old Fashioned for the Discerning Bourbon Drinker

If you’re a classic old fashioned drinker you probably aren’t interested in adding a lot of different things to your cocktail. You want it to taste like an old fashioned and you want to taste the whiskey. A lot. You’re in luck. I’ve got a classic old fashioned with just one small tweak. I added some bitters that are smoky and have a tiny bit of heat in them (Hella bitters smoked chili bitters). For this one, you’ll like the smoked old fashioned best if you make it with raw sugar to create a 1:1 demarera simple solution and use a barrel proof bourbon or rye. This one will put hair on your chest.

cocktail with orange and sugar cubes

How to Make the Simple Syrup for this Smokey Old Fashioned

Now, for the simple syrup, I used raw sugar, but if you don’t have that you could do a simple syrup with 1 cup water, and 1/2 cup light brown sugar and 1/2 cup white sugar for a very good approximation of it. And if you’d like to really play, see if you’ve got some sorghum in your pantry, and create a simple with that as your sweetener. It adds a lot more earthly, full-bodied notes to the cocktail that a straight white sugar simple syrup.

Smoking an Old Fashioned Glass

smoking glass

On additional step was smoking the glass. For this, I lit a cinnamon stick on fire, and set the glass over the top of it to put out the fire, but to soak in the smoke while I prepared the cocktail. We have nothing but time right now, don’t we? This puts the smoke in the smoked old fashioned.

Best Bourbons for this Smoked Old Fashioned

So go to your bourbon cabinet and find a barrel strength bourbon (or rye). I recommend Pikesville Rye or Wild Turkey Rare Breed. Both are bar staples for me because of their aggressive and complex flavor profiles and their easy availability here in the Kentucky.

Because we’re adding both smoke and heat flavors to this smoked cocktail, we need to make sure that the whiskey flavors still stand up to the addition of high proof, smoked accents to the cocktail. To do that, look for bourbons and ryes over 100 proof – and ones that have a great bite and finish to them.

cocktail with orange peel and sugar cubes

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