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Hands-on review of the 2018 Sony Z9F 4k TV

The Sony Z9F is a great 4k TV. It has great picture quality, and gets exceptionally bright. In this review, we compare it to 4 other popular models.

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The Z9F is the successor to the Z9D. The performance is somewhere in between VA-type TVs and IPS-type TVs. The contrast ratio is fairly low, so blacks do appear gray when viewed in a completely dark room.

The TV has local dimming to mitigate this dark scene performance though, and it works well. When viewed in a bright room the TV can get exceptionally bright to overcome glare or produce bright highlights in HDR. The Z9F has low input lag and an excellent fast response time which is great for gamers.

Model tested: 65” (XBR65Z9F)
Should also be valid for the 75″ (XBR75Z9F)

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Design (00:53)
Inputs (01:35)
Thermal (2:08)
Picture Quality (02:22)
Contrast (02:39)
Local Dimming (03:07)
Viewing Angle (03:52)
Reflections (04:31)
Pixels (04:54)
Peak Brightness (05:24)
Gray Uniformity (05:46)
Color Volume & Gamut (05:58)
PQ Curve (06:12)
Response Time (06:39)
Image flicker (06:49)
Input Lag (07:15)
Smart Features & Remote (07:35)
Sound (08:11)
TVs Comparison (08:24)
Conclusion (10:16)

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  1. BrickTop says

    X950G is better than z9f in 55 and 65 sizes. I had a 65 z9f in living room and still have 55 x950g in bedroom. Very similar tvs but x950g has deeper blacks and overall it tends to give picture more depth. In HDR, it was most apparent, the z9f constantly bothered me with a washed out image and grey bars. SDR wasnt an issue but HDR was very distracting to watch. Slightly less blooming on z9f but didn't matter since black levels as a whole were noticeably worse. Z9f slightly brighter in hdr but again the washed out look just defeats the purpose to me of hdr at times. The most annoying thing about tv and reason I returned it was due the wierd optical layer tv causing distracting streaks being visible on screen when light hits it at a certain angle. Much worse than usual reflections and hope Im explaining it well. Switched for 65" sony a8f and now I feel I have best of both worlds. A8f hdr has more depth, x950g hdr has more punch. Cannot recommend z9f, the black level is almost like ips tvs. At 75 and 85, apparently x950g also has optical layer and that is one of main causes of lower black levels so cannot recommend x950g at 75 or 85 either. 55 or 65" x950g recommended and if going above that size and sticking with sony, oled is best bet. Truly disappointed with z9f. If black levels were better, would be incredible tv but honestly its black levels are poor and it does not feel like a premium set, I got rid of it in a week.

  2. Buffalo Bobby says

    Just picked up a 65inch Z9F for 1,799.00 from Best Buy. Great TV for the sale price. I already own a 75inch 900F & 65inch Z9D. Sony is fantastic brand that I trust and luv!

  3. Devon Lewis says

    Lol it’s weird that I read so many comments about contrast being low… You won’t understand it until you try it. This is not a TV for the novice I can say.

  4. Robert Kelly says

    Sony X950G is better.

  5. sniperv says

    Which one, Sony Z9F vs Sony X950G?

  6. 6EQUJ5 says

    Do 65" and the 75" versions have the same amount of FALD zones?

  7. Project Elara says

    €1699 for the 65" worth it now?

  8. tompo1975 says

    This TV is good only for people who are watching TV from a big angle… it means 0.00000001% of people on this planet. Great work Sony!Will keep my X900F.

  9. zeroinone inzero says

    did you chase by a leopard?

  10. RED DRAGON says

    The best tv. ❤️

  11. Benredfield says

    Zd9 is better?

  12. Spy Gaming says

    According to its price, this thing should be compete with X93E not ZF9.

  13. The Man Cave says

    If you are a Sony Z9D owner, come join the Facebook group! Search for Grand Order of the Z9D!

  14. I review my stuffs says

    Where is Cederic?

  15. v cam says

    z9f biggest flop of the year, the z9d is the best tv sony ever made and then they went downhill after, samsung is the new king with the q9fn.

  16. Vegeta Referee says

    The video is great with plenty of information. however, I don't know if it's only me, but it's quite annoying how this guy talks…

  17. TheInfamous says

    So basically Sony traded a high contrast ratio and low blooming for wider viewing angles? This TV can’t event match it’s predecessor the Z9D which is a 2016 set, let along compete with the like of the Q9FN. Hopefully Sony comes to their senses in 2019.

  18. Holy Light says

    A ZF9 near a Q9…. when you see them both with the same image you immediately understand: detail and naturality beat contrast and blackness all the time. Sony ZF9, even if not as black as Q9, will always perform better. See them both with the same SD, HD or UHD picture. And you will understand how Japanese processors work.

  19. Jay G. says

    The 65 inch Z9D can now be had for $2000. Would this be a good buy and would I be able to see the difference with a Z9F?

  20. George Garner says

    So much for masters series

  21. George Garner says

    Shame it has a poor sound system for the price i wish i knew what the hell sony is thinking now days

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