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Popular sizes for wall frames at Frame USA

Most Popular Frame Sizes
Most Popular Frame Sizes

It is important for us to clarify how our sizes work in general. Here is the list of all of the sizes that we consider to be standard frame sizes:

standard picture frame sizes
A listing of our standard picture frame sizes.

In our experience, these are the most popular and most utilized sizes overall. The majority of our wall frames come in the sizes listed above, however we also offer custom sizing for non-standard framing needs. These sizes cover a wide range of photograph sizes, home decor, poster sizes, art print sizes, and many other common sizes we see every day. They are used for living room decor, for decorating offices and businesses, and for displaying art in gallery settings. Our most popular sizes are:


5×7 is a very popular frame size because this is a common size for photographs to be printed. 5×7″ is small enough to not take up too much space, but big enough to be able to see detail in your photo or art print. This size makes for great tabletop frames and is easy to display.


8×10 picture frames are top sellers at Frame USA. Not only because it is a common picture size, but our 8×10″ frames include a mat for a 5×7 image! These mats are removable, so if you’re framing something larger you can easily remove and re-purpose the included mat. This size is especially popular for art prints because these medium sized frames can easily either be hung on a wall or displayed on a desk. It’s the perfect size for home decor.


11×14 frames also include an off white mat, but for an 8×10 image. Many of our customers love this size because they can use the frame with the mat, or remove the mat and highlight their 11×14 photographs. Our picture frames all offer this versatility, making Frame USA’s picture frames perfect for any occasion or event.


If you are looking for a medium sized picture frame, the 16×20 size is a great choice. Our 16×20 picture frames include an off white mat for an 11×14 image. This option provides just over 2” of matting on each side of your image. This is a great size picture frame because you can make it a highlight piece on your wall, or part of a mixture with other frames to form a collage on your wall.

24×36 Our largest popular size big picture frame is our 24×36 size. 24×36 is the main big picture frame size that most posters that are sold come in. Therefore if you are looking to frame a poster for a dorm room, your office or house, or to give as a gift, this is the perfect picture frame size for you.

When choosing the best picture frame size for you, always make sure to measure your image first. All of our frame sizes are based on the inside dimensions. Therefore if you have an 8×10 image and do not want to use the mat, you still want to order an 8×10 frame. If you have an 11×14 image and do want to include a mat, it is important to order a larger frame size to accommodate this.

Now the question is what is a custom size frame? A custom size frame here at Frame USA is any size outside of our standard 32 sizes (refer to chart listed above). We can produce almost any size frame your heart can imagine. Our only limitations come into play with the width of the moulding- the thinner the frame, the smaller the maximum size will be.

A square picture frame helps create a more modern and clean feel. Square picture frames are more a little different than traditional rectangular frames. Our most popular square picture frame sizes include:

Square Picture Frame Sizes
Most Popular Square Picture Frame Sizes

We hope this article on our most popular frame sizes has provided you with all of the information you may need when ordering our picture frames. If you ever have any other questions, please feel free to contact us via Email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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