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Problems with Puppy Biting Leash

Taking your puppy for a walk every day will “paw”sitively benefit his health and happiness for life! Aside from that, you have no choice but to take him out to relieve himself. That can be a frustrating experience, though, if your doggo won’t stop biting his leash.

You will be pleased to know that you can actually stop Spot from chomping on his lead with enough patience and training. You will also be able to keep the little rascal from biting through his leash and running off if you have the right one.

Don’t know where to look? Don’t bother. Everything you need to know is right here. Today, you are going to figure out how to stop your dog from biting his leash and where to get the best leashes for the best value!

Why Do Puppies Bite Their Leash?

In order to solve the problem, you have to know what is causing it in the first place. Your pup may be biting his leash for a few reasons.

  • He is frustrated. Dogs don’t like feeling trapped, and leashes do just that. You are doing it for your puppy’s safety, but he doesn’t know that!
  • He has no other outlet. If your pup is not provided adequate toys to chew on and roughhouse with, he may turn to the leash for satisfaction instead.
  • He is curious. You know the phrase, “Curiosity killed the cat,” but did you know that dogs are just as inquisitive? Your pup may just be trying to figure out what on Earth is attached to him.

So what can you do to save the leash (and your sanity) now that you know why the puppy is chewing on it? You have more options for a solution than you think.

Use the “Leave It” Command

Puppy Biting LeashPet owners can’t always stop their fur babies from doing something they shouldn’t before they do it; however, they can teach them to stop. You can, too! Teaching your puppy to stop doing anything he shouldn’t is essential to training and to preventing harm in other situations.

The “leave it” or “drop it” command will be most effective in training your dog to stop biting the leash.

Here’s how you do it with some simple dog training:

  • While the puppy is playing with a toy, look at him and tell him to drop it with a hand gesture and a verbal command. Do so in a voice that stays cheerful instead of chastising him.
  • As you give the “drop it” command, hold out a treat. Your pup will happily drop whatever he had for the yummy snack in front of his face.
  • When he drops the toy, give him the treat and verbal or physical affection.
  • Repeat the process, eventually doing so without holding a treat in front of the pup.

Once the puppy has this command down, he won’t even need a treat as an incentive anymore! When you tell him to drop his leash, he should do so. Teaching this command and having the dog execute it successfully will take time. You have to be patient if you want to see progress.

Don’t Reward Undesirable Behavior

During training and after, you are rewarding your puppy for good behavior with treats and affection. This is what makes him understand when he is doing the right thing! You should not ruin that progress by continuing to give the pup treats when he didn’t earn them, though.

When this undesirable leash biting behavior persists, do not reward your puppy. This means no petting, no handing out snacks, and absolutely no verbal encouragement! That’s tough because puppies are irresistibly cute, but you can do it. If you stay strong, he will eventually learn what the correct behavior is.

Give Your Pup an Outlet

Puppies need to chew on something to let out their energy or frustrations. Instead of biting their leash, they could be chewing on a toy. It’s important that you buy a few good chew toys for puppy training Spot if you want him to stop going to town on his lead.

Here are a few suggestions for chew toys that’ll really have him feeling more content:

  • Puppy Safe Piggy Banker
  • Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit
  • Simply Fido Bunny Rope Toy

Most Recommended Leashes

Maybe you just need a more durable leash for the time being. Maybe you want something cuter. Either way, you are covered with these leashes that we recommend:

  • Bond & Co. Dog Leash In terms of both cuteness and durability, this is the right leash for you and your pup! It is made of fabric placed over webbed nylon with an easy snap to clip to the harness.
  • Remington Orange Double Ply Safety Dog Leash If you plan to walk your pup in an urban area at night, this leash might prove useful. It is also made of nylon, and it has a bright surface so that oncoming cars and pedestrians see you clearly. This could prevent many accidents!
  • Flexi Comfort Retractable Dog Leash Some dog owners just prefer to have a retractable leash on hand for leash walking to teach your dog when they should heal and when they can wander. If your pup is biting his leash, something retractable could at least protect the material in a snap. This particular model allows attachments like doggie pick-up bags or a LED light for added visibility at night.
  • Good2Go Reflective Padded Leash This leash is a good choice for the comfort of your hand and for your puppy’s safety. It is made of reflective material for visibility at night, and it has an easy to clip on D-ring attached! This model comes in a variety of colors to suit your preference.

Breaking your pup’s habit of chomping on his leash takes time and effort, but the result is well worth the work. A well-behaved pup grows into a well-behaved dog! Once you get to the root of the problem and heed some simple advice, you will be on the road to a pristine, bite-mark free leash in a snap.

Bringing a new family addition into the home is extremely exciting! Becoming a new puppy parent comes with a ton of new joys, challenges and responsibilities. PupBox was created to help new puppy parents like yourself, by providing all of the toys, treats, accessories and training information you need, when you need it. CLICK HERE to learn more about PupBox.

Problems with Puppy Biting Leash? Our Advice and Leash Recommendations

And remember, puppyhood is fast and is gone before you know it. Make sure to savor the time when your pup is young, and take lots of pictures along the way!

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