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Telikin : Simple, Easy to Use Touchscreen Computers for Seniors

Recent Articles…

“The Telikin, which has been around for three years now, is an excellent choice.” More

Jim T. Miller – Savvy Senior syndicated columnist and Author of The Savvy Senior book.

“one foolproof computer…” More

Courtney Rubin – Oprah Winfrey’s “O” magazine

“The Telikin, which has been on the market for over two years now, is an excellent option.” More

Jim T. Miller – Savvy Senior syndicated columnist and NBC contributor

“The Telikin is one such specialized system that is promoted as an easy to use machine for anyone seeking a basic computer. The system…” More

J.D. Biersdorfer – Gadgetwise Blog NY Times

“The Telikin is a new touchscreen family computer designed to make everyday tasks as easy as possible.” More

James Holloway – GizMag Author

“The Telikin Touch was initially designed to be a “senior friendly” PC with a touch interface so users wouldn’t need to use the keyboard and mouse. However…” More

Joel Santo Domingo – Lead Analyst, PC Magazine Labs

“The Telikin provides a smart mix of software features that cover most of what an older user with basic computing needs would want.” More

Sally Wiener Grotta & Daniel Grotta – Computer Shopper Mag

“The Telikin Computer seems to offer a more ground-up approach to broad usability with its…” More

Rich Brown – Senior Editor CNET Reviews

What the Experts Say…

“Nothing comes close to Telikin”

We have been studying this field for over five years…; More

Jean Coppola, PhD – Professor of Gerontechnology, Pace University

“One touch away from anything you want to do”

Watch Video watch Telikin video

Jim Miller – Savvy Senior, NBC & | KFOR TV

“Computing without the Learning Curve” More

Hiawatha Bray – Boston Globe Staff | Tops in Tech

“For many Baby Boomers‚ the perfect device to get and stay connected.”

Telikin has an elegant solution… More

Jessica McKenna – National Girl Gadgets Examiner

“Touch Screens are the New Mouse‚ AARP Online Review: Telikin Computer”

Keep the fun part of personal computing… More

– AARP Online article

What Our Customers Say…

“I LOVE my computer & I love the V.I.P. service!!!!!!!!!!!!!… ” More

Carol S., Cape Coral, FL

“awesome, innovative, fun to use PC … ” More

Phil R., Fort Worth, TX – View Actual Letter

“Couldn’t believe how quick it was to set up … ” More

Tony A., Evansville, IL

“Finally the computer world is open to me!!!” More

Judith F., Manchester, NJ

“I just wanted to say, that this was a great investment.” More

Ryan M., Copper Canyon, TX

“Thank you again for making a computer for seniors” More

Megan M., Hilliard, OH

“…the most incredible device I have ever seen in a long time” More

Jeffrey H. on Facebook

“I for one am glad to be a part of the Telikin experience…” More

William F., Apex, NC

“Easy to get connected, easy to get going…” More

Tom P., Wilmington, NC

“Bought this computer for my mother who is mostly feels less isolated and you Telikin!” More

Debbie W., Needham, MA

“This is an Amazing Product!” More

Kathy K., Gold River, CA

“…you make a fine product and I enjoy it daily. It has really changed my life!….” More

Carol S., “The Villages”, Lady Lake, FL

“I was looking for a total really had to be to to you would use it every at a good price point, that’s how we chose Telikin.” More

Dale Carter, Transition Aging Parents

“It’s a very friendly computer…” More

Dale’s Mother, Beverly

“Telikin brings the people I care about just a touchscreen away.” More

Pam L., New Rochelle, NY

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