The 3 Best iOS Apps I Use With My Passion Planner


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Angelia Trinidad, founder and CEO of Passion Planner, shares her top 3 iOS apps that she uses with her Passion Planner. Find out which apps help her grow her knowledge base, hold herself more accountable, and be as productive as possible.

Links to the apps in the video:

Google Calendar:
Focus Keeper:


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  1. Orysia Kozak says

    You should try ✨uPlan: Year Planner.✨ Simple and gorgeous planning app ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  2. Orysia Kozak says

    I'm using 'TimeCost' app to set and track my financial goals and 'uPlan: Year Planner', it lets you divide your year plans for quarter, month and week todo lists. Very efficient!

  3. Melanie Aldridge says

    I'm loving the new Microsoft "To Do" app for iphone.

  4. ckametria says

    I'm on iOS and there is a feature within the phone where you can set time limits on apps per day. It helped me realize how much time I spend on social media.

  5. Brittany Payne says

    For anyone who doesn't have the money to BUY audiobooks, check out your local public library! I've lived in both Nashville and Knoxville TN, and both library systems use an app called Libby that has FREE audiobooks through your local library. You may have to wait a week or two, but if you have a large library, odds are, they'll have the one you want.

  6. Dwayne Crumity says

    Opus One is the digital equivalent of The Franklin Covey Sytem

  7. Dizzy Lizzy says


  8. Ashlee Balfour says

    Anything similar to focus tracker for android people would recommend?

  9. Lobke Kompier says

    My favorite app is Easy Calendar, I don’t have a million appointments on a day, and I like all of my appointments visible for a week without scrolling. Easy Calendar gives me a really nice view of the week.. I,ve been using it for like 8-9 years now. It really helps me to stay focused on the things I need to do that week week and had a really pretty week view en works really great too

  10. Subject Matter Experts says

    Thank you for creating such a useful and inspiring product. And, thank you for asking such a helpful question! I have a list of new apps to try and a few I'd added to my phone but never used. I've stuck to Google Calendar and Notes, but given what I've learned through your followers is that there are apps that might be more effective in assisting me in improving my efficiency and planning. Thank you! If you do send me a free planner, I'll be giving it to one of my mentees so he can begin to build a path towards a productive, happy, and generous life. Thank you for doing the same for all of us!

  11. Bev Reed says

    I use Hours to track my time on project tasks & OmniFocus for organizing and tracking projects—

  12. Jennifer W says

    I'm still new to using Passion Planner (Just five weeks! Woo!) I used to do a digital "BuJo" in Evernote before switching to Passion Planner. But, I switched to a paper planner because I feel like there's just something rewarding about writing things out by hand. Plus, get to use my "right brain" (creative side) when I physically write things, as opposed to just typing a list, taking notes and checking boxes. Evernote is still a great compliment to Passion Planner because you can use the note-taking app to keep track of work/school/personal notes, planning details, journal entries, to-do lists, etc. Another great app is "Loop – Habit Tracker." This is an android app that helps you build a habit and track your streaks. If there are habits that you are trying to implement or reinforce, Loop is a good way to show that you're making progress with your habits. For me, this is helpful in reinforcing the planner habit that I'm working to make a part of my morning routine.

  13. Ashley Nicole says

    Seems kinda weird but I promise I'll tie it together! I use podcast addict and I've found it has had a really good change in my life simply by being on my phone. Instead of being tempted to watch TV, go on social media, or YouTube I am able to go on and listen to podcasts. So sometimes I can even listen to the news when I'm bored or have a free moment, then I dont feel as pressured to watch it at night! I've found since using it I waste less time getting sucked into the trap of Netflix or scrolling Instagram, because it's a "healthy" substitute… and not nearly as addictive

  14. amandala4 says

    I JUUUUST got my passion planner in the mail last week! I look forward to using the "Shine" app to help me think of ideas to fill in the blanks. A new planner can be overwhelming at first. I may not know what to write about, so Shine can help me pinpoint something out of the loud noises of life. <3

  15. Desiree says

    I love to use the app Braintoss. When something comes up in your mind, take a voicememo, picture or note and it sends directly to your e-mail so you can deal with it later on!

  16. KATHY BURBANK says

    I have been using Google Keep to help when I don't have my planner with me and need to jot something down. I also have started to experiment with Taskade to help me prioritize projects and add more details. Both of these work well on my phone and on my laptop. They are also Chromebook friendly. Passion Planner has helped me in setting goals and prioritizing my life. Thank you. K

  17. Georgie Crawley says

    Forest is great and there is a similar free app called flora. Both allow you to completely switch off from your phone and the idea of growing trees (even virtual ones) is very motivating to avoid picking up my phone!

  18. vicksiskickin says

    I use an App called Tide to manage my time in a similar way. Tide also can add sound effects to your focus time like "rain" or "forest". I find the rain one, in particular, to be very calming and focusing. I have wasted so much time picking out music to work to so I just cut that out of the equation. Tide also has modes for meditation or sleep. I also use Google Drive. My fiance and I snap pictures of our planners for the week and share it there with each other so we can better plan time together.

  19. Elizabeth Harris says

    I enjoy one note it allows me to jot down notes or lists on my phone that I can transfer later to my passion planner.

  20. Moopishly says

    I like to use Forest and integrate it into my Passion Planner. The app grows cute little trees while you focus, and if you use your phone while growing a tree the tree dies. I've had the app since January and haven't killed any trees yet! I set goals in my Passion Planner related to the app. If you keep the app running on your phone it also tracks the amount of time you use your phone. Right now I have a goal to have 6+ hours worth of trees planted per day, as well as >2 hours of phone use per day.

  21. Bakoblues says

    Just a thought – try turning off all social media notifications on your phone. It puts you in charge of your apps instead of your apps running your life. If something is critical, people text or message. It is amazing how much more productive and peaceful my life became when I did so.

  22. Alexandra Regan says

    Wow! Flipd sounds so so cool. I can't wait to try it 🙂

  23. Judy Olbrych says

    I like to use ToDoist with my Passion Planner. I organize my tasks and projects in the app and then schedule them out in time slots in my Passion Planner and Google Calendar. My Google calendar and Passion Planner have almost the same weekly view, especially, since I use highlighters to categorize and block batched tasks. So why do I need the paper version in addition to Google? Because I remember things better when I write them down, the planner allows me to work unplugged, and I have a set space for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reviews plus creative planning.

  24. Amanda Coan says

    One of my favorite apps (besides Google Calendar) is Clear. I use clear to make lists or add to current lists. My movie, book, bucket list, and idea lists are added to the back of my Passion Planner on the grid pages.

  25. Kelly Ostroski says

    Thank you for your insight Angelia and all those that responded below. I LOVE your videos and don't think you should change a thing. You are keeping it real and I think the majority of your customers/consumers love that about Passion Planner. Keep the videos coming!!

  26. Tonia Yvette Callender says

    Hi Angelia! Great video, thank you! I also use Google Calendar in conjunction with my Outlook calendar from work. It works great for me, and my Passion Planner holds all the records, doodles, notes, and momentos that were the historical part of that schedule. I'm going to try out the other two apps and see how that helps!

  27. Teri Brilhart says

    Has anyone mentioned Libby yet? I love this library card on steroids app. So many free books available…so little time. 🙂

  28. Ramona Medicinehorse says

    I use Passion Planner, and evernote, I try all type of app, but not sold. I would like to see one do it all app.

  29. Addison Ellis says

    One of my favorite apps is the Forest app! by opening the app, I am able to set a timer for how long I want to stay focused for. Throughout the duration of your focus, you grow a fictional tree! if you complete the time and stay off your phone a fictional tree grows and you get coins. after so many coins, you turn them in and this company will plant real tree's in the Amazon rain forest. If I get on my phone, my fictional tree will die and i will have to start again. I like this app because it keeps me accountable to keep working hard in my everyday life in the hopes of also creating a better world! Small changes like this in our everyday lives have the potential to make drastic impacts all over the globe!

  30. Crystal Villegas says

    I also have a rocketbook and rocketbook app, which allows me to take notes, draw, and do really anything on a paper like surface , then digitally upload it to various drives, emails etc. I then have notes organized. Some I print and add to my space of infinite possibilities or add to the notes area in the back!

  31. EBONY WATSON says

    3 apps I enjoy to utilize with my passion planner are Evernote, MindMeister &… you should definitely try them out! I love passion planners thank you for creating them really helpful with staying organized & helping prioritize tasks/goals<3

  32. Kathi W says

    ***I love the sticky note app – and I keep a small stack of stickies in my planner – the best part is they are colored, stand out and provide a super easy quick way to jot down those thoughts when they hit so you don't miss them and can set them up for a dedicated look later! ***

  33. Rominna Pinedo-DeLeon says

    I love and use Google Keep as well as the Google Reminder – use them both with my planner to set reminders on items I have on my planner to do list (both personal and work section) and the Keep app I use to list things I need to get or pack with me when I attend conferences.

  34. Hugo Dahl says

    Best app, to keep track of where I spend my time digitally, is RescueTime ( Keeps track of not only what I'm working on, but also travel, offline time, and can classify that time in 5 various levels from "Very Distracting" to "Very Productive".So for me, if it sees "", it marks that as "Very Distracting", but for a marketer, it can be configured as "productive", or "Outlook" is "Neutral" for me, but can be "Very Productive" for someone who manages schedules and uses email as a core part of their duties.Edited to add: This works on PC and Mac, Android and iOS, and even just in browsers via a browser extension.

  35. Clorice Reyes says

    I use the Cozi calendar and it's really helpful except my daughter and I are the only ones out of 6 of us that use it! :/ I also don't have all the paid features so it can get annoying.

  36. Zoe A. Carlson says

    My favorite app to use with my passion planner is "Lifetime Goals"

  37. Emmit643 says

    Honestly, just the reminders app that comes ready to go on iphone. Reminders helps me remember what I need to if my planner isn't handy.

  38. Alyssa Jocson Porter says

    I use the StayFocused app, which allows me to assign time limits and time frames on distracting apps. For example, I have the YouTube app set to 20 minutes between the hours of 8am and 10pm so that I don't watch hours and hours of videos, and after 20 minutes the StayFocused app locks me out of YouTube for the day and shows me a message to motivate me to do something more productive/restorative instead.

  39. Hannah Sloan says

    An app that I love using on my android phone is color note. It lets me take notes, make checklists, and even send reminders to myself. I can color code things to quickly see what category of note I am looking at and because it's not a text or social media style notification it is easier for me to realize that it is something important and not accidentally swipe it away

  40. Jane Martin says

    You need ToDoist!! It makes my planning so easy. I have an ongoing list of to-dos on my app that I can go back to before I am planning the week. It makes sure I have time scheduled to check off all my tasks. The combo of ToDoist and my passion planner keep me so organized.

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