The art forger who tricked the Nazis – Noah Charney


Discover how the notorious art forger Han van Meegeren tricked the world— and the Nazis— with his counterfeit Vermeer paintings.

It was one of the strangest trials in Dutch history. The defendant in a 1947 case was an art forger who had counterfeited millions of dollars worth of paintings. But he wasn’t arguing his innocence— in fact, his life depended on proving that he had committed fraud. Who was this artist, and why was he on trial for his life? Noah Charney investigates the notorious Han van Meegeren.

Lesson by Noah Charney, directed by Hype CG.

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  1. p says

    this has got to be one of the most hilariously interesting stories i’ve ever encountered

  2. Isaac Paul Mendes Graf says

    He’s a better artist than the original.

  3. Matija Ristic says


  4. Mr.bonesss says

    Honestly if you can fake a work and have it be approved as real then you are an artist

  5. Greenleigh Andrus- Ruiz says

    1:21 bro why was that auto tuned

  6. Mahendra Adhy says

    "The fake is of far greater value. In its deliberate attempt to be real, it's more real than the real thing."

  7. The Red Tide says

    3:05 please no, it’s not Holland it’s the Netherlands. We don’t call the UK England either

  8. SPSheep says

    If Van Migeden could make and sell more paintings to the (Insert European country ruled by someone who killed 12M people), (That country) Would have debt, hyperinflation and then used a different currency, make a new currency and repeat.

  9. DemigodGamez says

    He could have been a great painter himself if he chose not to forge paintings.But it would be very unlikely that his (own) works will sell for a high price.

  10. Senexe says

    “Maybe I don’t want to be the bad guy anymore.”

  11. matress in my lung says

    Its like stealing memes, i stole a meme, but the quality got worse, someone stole my stolen meme, making the quality that was bad, even worse, a few cicles of this and now the meme is a bunch of pixels

  12. Rohit Burde says

    Where is the movie on this?

  13. Nir Hadad says

    I don’t understand how could he deceive the examiners on so many art pieces? I mean , one or two makes sense. how did he claimed to find so many? You should have said that on the video .

  14. cody fusting says


  15. Dissmo says

    release the soundtrack

  16. Owokoyo says

    "I forged priceless paintings.""You're a bad person.""They were bought by Nazis.""You're a good person."

  17. RGodoyR26 says

    Why se dont have a movie about this yet?

  18. marahuyo says

    wow. forgers actually research alot before painting the artist that they will forge

  19. sri harsha gunna says

    the background music is very weird and very disturbing, just wonder why such good information is presented is such a bad way

  20. Elie Weiss says

    Love the music

  21. Midi Music Forever says

    Speech level 100

  22. Winona says

    It’s a roller coaster from beginning to the end i like it

  23. Joshua Lyttle says

    what beat is that at the end?

  24. Sayak Brahmachari says

    Outright legendary!

  25. Shadowglan says

    The righteous allies almost condemned a man to death because he sold some paintings to the nazis. Imagine the reaction if some countries actually pardoned nazis and used them to advance their own scientific goals, just imagine…

  26. Apath says

    The true definition of "fake it till you make it"

  27. Wruce Bayne says

    i met a wonderful art forger once, he's such a genius, he forges a lot of remarkable pieces. tho his Forged art are not perfect tho a lot of people got tricked by it. and also This mysterious art forger have a weird thing going on, for instance he travels only on his boat, a person can only buy one art at a time, the art will be delivered the next day. he wears a navy blue apron everyday. and only could be found not occasionally. He's known by the name of "Jolly Redd"

  28. JonatasAdoM says

    He deceived everybody!

  29. Walter The Terrible says


  30. reginald saunders says

    What is the name of the song in the background???

  31. THE IMPERIALS 66 says

    Like Father like Son

  32. THE IMPERIALS 66 says

    The real human printer

  33. Alana. Sage says

    I bet this video is fake.

  34. abendrot says

    cool story but the music in this video is distractingly loud

  35. Saucy Yikers says

    Imagine being good at painting that you are able to fake amazing pieces of work yet you are unknown by almost everyone.

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