The Most Powerful Smartphone In The World


The Asus ROG Phone 2 is a very powerful smartphone. It’s packing overclocked components and an incredible accessory list. The ROG Phone 2 is a gaming phone but should be considered by smartphone enthusiasts in general.

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  1. JaySean Ochia says

    I love watching this Rog I love the tech race now adays but cant still afford to have atleast updated one…

  2. Badar Sharif says

    What is the cost of this phone

  3. Alif Firdaus says

    Now it's not "The Most Powerfull Smartphone In The World"

  4. Bleeding Edge Prime says

    imagine being a 10 year old wanting this phone just to play roblox

  5. m X n g says

    How much would it cost

  6. Marin M says

    This guy every time a new device comes out: this is the most powerful device i have ever seen


    Asus is a powerful brand

  8. Kenya alaine Chambers says

    What does he do with them after he unboxs them cause i want it

  9. ReDotSight YT says

    When I ask my dad if I can buy this phone My dad :why is it so expensive ? does it come with a car??Me :no but ….it has a fan

  10. Krispy BixBy says

    Ah, yes

  11. ronald bilaos says

    I wish i have one too because i have smaller fhone like 2gb RAM & 16gb ROM

  12. Rumba Junior says

    where can i buy US version ??

  13. John Arinze says

    How I wish you could gift me just one nice device…… You are awesome. I really enjoy your life style..

  14. Shreyas K says

    Now it's Asus rog 3

  15. akiteraso channel says

    rog phone 3 much faster … unbox pls..

  16. Zeno Lord says

    yikes that gamepad is 200 :I

  17. Brenna Dabbour says

    Why did the price skyrocket from $800 to around $1500?

  18. Major Down! says

    nintendo switch eat your heart out

  19. DAMINGalam says


  20. Ummervc 1234 says

    How much money

  21. Моксим says

    Asus should've called it POG phone 2

  22. Mahmood ALhafedh says

    11 months=11million views

  23. abenezer assebe says

    how much is it and where i get it

  24. King Drey says

    Just got mine today!!! Daaamn! It's perfect!

  25. Sonty Goyal says

    Watching it before 2 days launch of ROG 3 !

  26. Teshan Nair says

    Where can i buy this

  27. KamyarPLAYZ says

    Can I know what's price

  28. Unathi Nxumalo says

    What's the name of the phone which I want so bad

  29. Omar Hawasly says

    How much is all this $$$

  30. mister skatersir. says

    I cant wait to play minecraft on this phone

  31. Noeurn GSM official says

    good job pro

  32. Clark Kent says

    I'm still using my Samsung s20

  33. -SMASHER - says

    will lowering resolution to hd+ 1600 x 720 while motion smoothness higher refresh rate (120 hz) or should i stay with fhd+ 2400 x 1080 motion smoothness higher refresh rate (120 hz). im just trying to have a better advantage while killing in mobile games

  34. Nathan Thompson says

    Cellphonedo switch..

  35. samuel simon says

    Boom boom see yaa'

  36. Subscribe to me for no reason says

    Nintendo switch:that's me but………………better

  37. secpd says

    Dude, I was born in 1971! I remember when we broke the 1GHZ barrier!

  38. Qheety says


  39. Ricky johnston says

    One simple sentence to a simpleton "What a complete f*cking knob jockey you are!"

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