The New 2020 Chevy Silverado HD Gasser Broke Our Ike Gauntlet Scoring System – Here Is How!


( ) The New 2020 Chevy Silverado HD Gasser Broke Out Ike Gauntlet Scoring System – Here Is How

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  1. Viranga Abeywickrema says

    Great review, really thorough and honest. Well done

  2. NHL CFL says

    Good review guys. All Big 3 Mfrs. have good things going for them. Use to have Ram 1500 Bighorn and was completely reliable. Had to say goodbye because suspension was too soft even after upgrading coils and not enough truck with wind gusts and all with our 31 ft. 7000 lbs. Toy hauler and 1060 lbs. tongue weight. With 1500 miles on our new 6.6L gas version Silverado, Unloaded I’ve achieved 16.7 mpg twice now on trips of about 450 miles and A/C on. I have an LT, 17” tires, Z71 Double Can 4×4 for those interested. I’m civil with my pedal. Truck technology is just right for me; don’t need huge screens (8” is good enough).

  3. fleshrocker says

    The more of this channel I watch the more open minded I get about best what is the best truck. I was a brand loyalist, but I can now see myself considering trucks of other brands from my historical favorite.

  4. Pablo Chacon says

    And ford gas beat Chevy and dodge . Ones again chevy was in the bottom of the pile .

  5. Larry Rucker says

    That is still "one ugly truck". GM lost me as a customer with poor quality and then this ugly creation that even the sales team doesn't like. I have owned GM trucks for almost 40 years, but I just purchased a new Ram. I hope I didn't make a mistake, the Ram sure looks better and drives better. I will know after about 150K miles if it is a better truck though.

  6. overbuilt automotive says

    that is the ugliest front end need it all black to hid its looks

  7. David Blessing says

    Did Mr Truck just say he likes the grill?????

  8. amador Palomares says

    Hey guys I wanna buy a truck to tow my trailer … I want a truck that doesn’t give me problems going up the hills and for log drives most important with a budget lol can you help me what to get ???

  9. jason anglum says

    Lets be realistic and honest. Anyone that tows a trailer of this size and weight involved would own a diesel. Your ignorant to think any differently. It's like comparing apples to oranges.

  10. Dachamp2001 says

    I'm die hard chevy Silverado but that's one ugly front end smh

  11. Frederick Thompson says

    Ugly as homemade soap….

  12. HalfShell says

    Has the 6.6 made it to the tunnel yet????

  13. Clint the Audio Guy says

    Well scratch that one off my list, lol.

  14. Matthew Noel says

    This review was very useful for making a personal truck buying decision. Thank you for the accurate and honest evaluation!

  15. blah blah says

    Gas or diesel for towing 13k

  16. sorryociffer says

    What an absolutely UGLY truck….Wow…. looks like it was beat with an ugly stick…

  17. grumpybill says

    Can't wait for my 2021 crew cab long bed 6.6 gas, plan on installing dual exhaust and 40 series flowmasters. Load pipes save lives.

  18. Fox In Socks says

    How much is that same model truck cost?

  19. Milton Zinn says

    Could you do this run with something more akin to what your landscaping or excavation company would run? Reg cab preferred and towing a bobcat or mowers? Like around 10k

  20. Karl Urban says

    Great review. They pulled 16,000 lbs, UPHILL, at 2 miles ABOVE sea level, with a GAS engine 3/4 ton SRW! The truck did it. I wouldn't complain about those times, speeds, or brake applications. 3/4 ton gassers were rated for 9250# towing just several years ago. I also would never attempt that. Ponder the physics. This is getting silly.

  21. Nebraskan Brutes says

    Ford has so much more power

  22. ReeseMuny504 says

    I get using the trailer and weight to compare, but this needs to be taken with a grain of salt. My honest opinion is that if you have a trailer like this and plan on towing in mountains, you should be buying a diesel. End of story. This truck is for the guy who tows only from time to time, more so lighter loads, and dont want to pay the premium for cost and maintenance of a diesel and what something simple.

  23. Robert Spike says

    Anyone that buys that truck knows before they take delivery that they made a mistake. Unbelievable design issues an awful junk pile.

  24. gol10dr45 says

    GM..worst interior since 1900s

  25. gol10dr45 says

    Ugly truck, stole the wheel design from Power Wagon.

  26. Amber Thornbrough says

    What am I missing? This is a custom trim truck which has way bigger tires than others. The work truck and LT versions have 31.5" tires and this has 34.1" tires. In theory this would have to hurt the towing capability hands down by 8.3%! This is a big deal. Chevy does not show any changes for towing between trim levels though?? I would love to see this same test with a w/t or lt version. Or just slap some wt tires on this truck and try it again.

  27. Nannie McCauley says


  28. Clayton Baldwin says

    No one buys a gas truck to tow 16,000 pounds up a mountain. Please tow a 30 foot travel trailer with these gas HDs so we can get an idea of how they perform for 95% of the people who buy them will actually use them.

  29. GW says

    helper bags solve the squat issue for $300

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