1. Horace Johnson says

    "the most important distrust rendered by the press and the magazines is that of educating people to approach printed matter with service" – English novelist Samuel Butler reflects on our relationship with the media. "Censors tend to do what only psychotics do: they confuse reality with illusion". – director David cronenberg argues against censorship.

  2. Louis Henry says

    Today's media is now being controlled by companies like At&t, Disney, Viacom and Comcast and we all know that they're not going to tell you the whole truth about what's going on. Today's is set up to cause fear and confusion to everyone watching.

  3. Shenyongo The Dragon Slayer says

    I once heard someone say that journalists aren't in the business of reporting the news, but in the business of creating the news.

  4. 80sBaby says

    . .agree Mr.James. I'm registered as an independent voter. I think for myself and distance myself from a lot of the "pro-black" movements….SJWs…and cancel culture. Also, I commented twice on your previous video of BLM silence with the 1 year old. Both times, my comments were removed. Great analysis.

  5. Benny G says

    Also shawn too many journalist want to be activist journalist looking for the truth. But you can not find the truth by silencing people you disagree with. Remember truths must reconcile, but sadly sjws only believe in one truth and one narrative.

  6. Benny G says

    Bari weiss is a joke too. She is a leftist and a snowflake who created the cancel culture mess that we are in today. Also the nyt is a joke itself and a shell of its former self. The best media out there is the Hill at this moment.

  7. Gabriel Benitez says

    +Shawn James Journalism died a longtime ago.

  8. Devon Williams says

    So Shawn what do you think about MSNBC

  9. Supremmo says

    Our media is also the biggest purveyors of fear. If we didn’t have the media monopoly that’s present right now, the COVID 19 thing wouldn’t be overblown.Bill Cosby likely wouldn’t go to prison over hearsay because his story would’ve been allowed to be told.

  10. Travis Sloan says

    The reason all of this is happening is simply the fact that the large majority of people in this day and age don't possess critical thinking skills. It starts in the home and the schoolhouse. And the sad fact of life is most people are trained in group think and ALL of your so called journalists come from the general population and take this limited thinking ability into their respective newsrooms. Case in point, the majority of all your tv news journalists, especially on the local level, are a classic demonstration of this on any given daily basis. This is what sadly passes as modern journalism.

  11. Gabreya Bradley says

    America don’t even realize that they’re playing with major fire for not reporting on the truth.



  13. By Any Means Necessary says

    This has been a problem for a long time in this country I think people are just now understanding this and chaos is rising because of it.

  14. C J says

    Well done, you're well on your way to being a LIbertarian.

  15. lapere SPW Pro says

    All trump tards should unite under big shawn!

  16. dwoodard78 says

    Shawn, I read the resignation letter earlier today. & it's not just in news reporting that this is a problem. In ALL of media, there's an attempt by the left to drive out those who don't suppose their narrative- even along those who are also on the left, but want to actually report the truth. But truth isn't a value associated with the left, esp if it gets in the way of pushing their agendas. Joseph Goebbels would be smiling if he saw today's media- & that's the scary part about all this!

  17. lapere SPW Pro says

    I think big Shawn is a trump terd.

  18. patrick smith says

    These liberals are eating their own at the NYT things like this reminds me of the Buddy Bears from Garfield and Friends the MSM and entertainment have been taking over by marxist communist, the Communist Chinese have been taking over our TV media, the Press, and colleges for years that is why you they call it Mockingbird Media they all are reading from the same teller prompter they were during this plan demic the media spent time trying to disprove others when they didn't have their facts straight and they keep changing the numbers we are not even close to the millions supposed to be dead right now nor have we seen any they were supposed to flatten the curve but they are flatlining our economy they were against masks in the beginning now they are forcing masks on you and they are not talking to doctors across America they are talking to one man who probably having seen one patient in years Dr. Frankenstein Fauci and we are going off one man not other doctors who agree this virus isn't as deadly as the MSM made it out to be.

  19. RocketmanRockyMatrix says

    New York Times has become another propaganda media outlet. They did a hitpiece on the ADOS lineage movement.

  20. Perverted Alchemist says

    Seems like the American news media is operating on the same frequency as a TMZ or National Enquirer. Long on sensationalism, short on actual facts and reporting.

  21. Robert Bigby says


  22. RocketmanRockyMatrix says

    This should be interesting.

  23. OnTheEDge says

    Big hug from Portugal Shawn.

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