Top 5: Youngest EVER goal-scorers in MLS


Take a look at the five youngest players to ever score a goal in MLS league play.

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  1. AFCACBS says

    None of them would be even good enough to keep the bench warm at a European club.

  2. SeattleSoundersFCFan says

    Freddy Adu, 14 years old. I can just imagine my younger brother, who is 14, doing this…

  3. Márcio dos Santos says

    African players usually have a false age.

  4. Damn lopez says

    Freddy Adu was in middle school right?

  5. Fabio Tran says

    Fagundez repping

  6. DADEFUYE says

    its in the net

  7. Zachary L says

    You now remember Freddy Adu.

  8. Cooper Devins says

    every single player fell after scoring

  9. astrex232vids says

    Yeah, we don't talk about Freddy no more…

  10. Mario Sosa says

    I want to play in MLS at 14

  11. intercepting punch says

    I heard Freddy adu is trying to get a club at Vietnam.

  12. TheFutureOfSoccer says

    I thought Alphonso Davies would be here

  13. Sebastian Gomez says


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