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English Golden Retriever Breeders

Finding the best English Golden Retriever breeders in the United States can be challenging for many people because of the number of puppy mills. Fortunately, we researched for you because nothing beats having a Golden Retriever living by your side. Golden Retriever puppies can add more love to your household with their unrelenting loyalty and quintessential puppy eyes. That’s why many people are gushing about the breed lately. Unfortunately, with increasing demand for Golden Retrievers comes a rise in unscrupulous breeders. But thanks to research, we’ve come up with a list of the best English Golden Retriever breeders in the United States.

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English Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

English Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

These reputable Golden Retriever breeders offer the healthiest companions, and you won’t have to worry too much because they’ll help you. With puppy mills, they focus on profits. For reputable and trustworthy Golden Retriever breeders, they’ll make sure that your companion will live in a safe environment. They care with love until the day you bring it back home.

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1. Chadwick’s Goldens

Chadwick’s Goldens

First on the list of Golden Retriever breeders in the United States is “Chadwick’s Goldens.” Chadwick’s Goldens has been in the business of breeding beautiful Golden Retriever puppies for almost two decades. This breeder is located in San Jacinto Valley, California, and home to many dogs from championship bloodlines. They are known for producing healthy puppies by maintaining very high breeding standards. At Chadwick’s Goldens, you’re sure of getting a Golden Retriever companion that meets the American Kennel Club standards. Contact them if you live in California or its environs to get your new fur baby.

Chadwick’s Goldens Details

  • Address: 26899 Dartmouth St, Hemet, CA 92544, United States
  • Phone: +1 951-756-1960
  • Website: Chadwick’s Goldens

2. Syrah Goldens

Syrah Goldens - Jefferson, GA

If you’re looking to adopt European-type, light Golden Retriever dogs, this breeder might be right for you. Syrah Goldens has unique methods for breeding high-quality pups and is considered one of the top Golden Retriever breeders in the United States. They import their dogs from top breeders in Russia, Europe, and Australia. Syrah Goldens are well-socialized in foster homes before they move to their permanent homes. For folks living in Georgia, you might want to give this breeder a call.

Syrah Goldens Details

  • Address: 489 Ebenezer Church Rd, Jefferson, GA 30549, United States
  • Phone: +1 678-863-7591
  • Website: Syrah Goldens

3. My Golden Retriever Puppies

My Golden Retriever Puppies

My Golden Retriever Puppies is made up of a team of dedicated Golden Retriever breeders nestled between the cities of Columbus and Cleveland. Thanks to many years of experience, this breeder never disappoints in producing quality Golden Retriever puppies. Their puppies come with a 1-year, genetic health guarantee. Another amazing thing about this breeder is that they can deliver newly-purchased puppies to any part of the U.S.A. (except Hawaii).

My Golden Retriever Puppies Details

  • Address: 5601 OH-241, Millersburg, OH 44654, United States
  • Phone: +1 330-275-1639
  • Website: My Golden Retriever Puppies

4. Sapphire Goldens

Sapphire Goldens - Lakeville, MA

If you’re looking for the best boutique breeders in the United States, you won’t be wrong to consider Sapphire Goldens. This breeder ensures that all their pups meet the standards of the American Kennel Club. They carry out the H.E.A.R.T. program (health, education, accountability, responsibility, and tradition) to produce high-quality Golden Retriever puppies. New owners can rest assured that the Golden Retriever is healthy and will live long. Sapphire Goldens makes sure of this by providing ophthalmologist and cardiologist certification for all their puppies.

Sapphire Goldens Details

  • Address: Lakeville, MA 02347, United States
  • Phone: +1 508-946-4169
  • Website: Sapphire Goldens

5. Muddy Goldens

Muddy Goldens

Located outside of Minneapolis, this breeder raises quality Golden Retriever puppies on a 200-acre farm. Muddy Goldens are known for providing a custom-tailored buying experience for their customers. The team consists of dedicated breeders with a strong passion for the Golden Retriever breed. They always ensure to maintain a relationship with their buyers. Muddy Goldens puppies go on to become superb family dogs and hunting dogs. Whichever one you like, loyal pet, or hunting dog, they’ve got you covered. All of their dogs have health clearances for hips, eyes, ears, and elbows.

Muddy Goldens Details

  • Address: Kimball, MN
  • Phone: +1 320-980-4286
  • Website: Muddy Goldens

6. Almaroad Kennel

Almaroad Kennel

Almaroad Kennel specializes in breeding Golden Retriever, Irish Setter, Boxer, or Golden Irish puppies. If you’re looking to adopt a companion, this breeder requires you to fill out an application form. Afterward, you will be added to their contact list. You can quickly contact them via email to start your purchase. Almaroad Kennel produces good quality Golden Retriever puppies. They ensure that all of the dogs are adequately tested for health issues. This way, you will end up with the healthiest puppy possible. If you need a Golden Retriever pal and you stay around Madison, IN, or its environs, Almaroad Kennel might be the best option for you.

Almaroad Kennel Details

  • Address: Madison, Indiana, USA
  • Phone: (812) 701-1813
  • Website: Almaroad Kennel
  • Email: [email protected]

7. Golden Puppies

Golden Puppies - Amite City, LA

Golden Puppies is considered one of the top breeders in the United States. That’s no surprise, given that they produce more variety of dogs than many other breeders. They offer purebred Golden Retrievers, Goldendoodles, and even Labrador Retrievers. If you need a Golden Retriever with some off-standard traits, you might want to visit Golden Puppies. Take advantage of their full slate of services, especially if you’re living in Louisiana. They offer boarding, grooming, and stress-free daycare options to give you the healthiest Golden Retriever companion possible. Be sure to collect all the required documents for your new dog before taking him or her home.

Golden Puppies Details

  • Address: 62037 Friendship Church Rd, Amite City, LA 70422, USA
  • Phone: +1 985 247 1987
  • Website: Golden Puppies

8. Coach’s Golden Retrievers

Coach’s Golden Retrievers

Home to plenty of cute, fluffy Golden Retriever puppies, Coach’s Golden Retrievers is among the best breeders in the United States. The breeder is located in Milton, Georgia, and is known for breeding healthy puppies. All their dogs get medical clearances for their eyes, hearts, elbows, and hips. The owner is a retired football and baseball coach, which means that you can rest assured that your new puppy can play games like fetch. Coach’s Golden Retrievers ensures that their dogs get the exercise required for them to stay healthy.

Coach’s Golden Retrievers Details

  • Address: 435 Kensington Farms Dr, Alpharetta, GA 30004, United States
  • Phone: +1 404-915-2078
  • Website: Coach’s Golden Retrievers

9. Brightness Beauties

Brightness Beauties

If you’re looking for an experienced breeder in Arizona, Brightness Beauties has got you covered. Their Goldendoodles and English Cream Golden Retrievers are bred to the American Kennel Club’s standards. Brightness Beauties is located on over an acre of land with enough space to allow the pups to play and run around. You will get a puppy that meets your needs of a perfect family companion. The Goldendoodles and Golden Retrievers at Brightness Beauties are healthy and well-socialized. If you reside in Phoenix or its environs, they might be the right breeder for you. Brightness Beauties also have Labradoodles and Aussiedoodles, although they intend to stop breeding them by the end of 2021. You can check out their Reservation/Pricing Page for information on how to reserve a puppy companion.

Brightness Beauties Details

  • Website: Brightness Beauties
  • Address: 311 E Carter Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85042, United States
  • Phone: +1 602-405-1040

10. SnowWater Retrievers

SnowWater Retrievers

If you’re looking to purchase a healthy English Cream Golden Retriever, SnowWater Retrievers might be the best option. This breeder specializes in producing Golden Retrievers with white or light cream coats. Located in Jamestown, PA, SnowWater Retrievers carefully select sires and dams depending on their traits and import them worldwide. They are known for producing ideal puppies with coats so white that it triggers admiration even from dog show judges.

SnowWater Retrievers Details

  • Address: 4707 Scott Rd, Jamestown, PA 16134, United States
  • Website: SnowWater Retrievers
  • Email: [email protected]

11. Sweet Cream Goldens

Sweet Cream Goldens

This breeder focuses on producing English Cream Golden Retrievers exclusively. Located in Nine Mile Falls, WA, Sweet Cream Goldens is home to quality Golden Retrievers. Their puppies come with an extensive three-year health guarantee. You can rest assured that your new pal is healthy because Sweet Cream Goldens provides a hip, elbow, heart, and eye guarantee. However, it would be best if you stuck to the “All Life Stage” Nutritional System of Life’s Abundance to enjoy the guarantee. By adopting your Golden Retriever from Sweet Cream Goldens, you have one that protects your investment. Don’t forget to collect all the necessary documents before taking your new dog home.

Sweet Cream Goldens Details

  • Address: Nine Mile Falls, WA, United States
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +1 509-768-7857
  • Website: Sweet Cream Goldens

12. Liberty Run Golden Retrievers

Liberty Run Golden Retrievers - Sykesville, MD

Last on the list of Golden Retriever breeders in the United States is “Liberty Run Golden Retrievers.” This breeder focuses on producing golden retriever puppies with lovable, easy-going temperaments. Liberty Run Golden Retrievers puppies are often calm and healthy. If you’re looking for a perfect Golden Retriever pet to bring into your home, Liberty Run Golden Retrievers might be the best option for you. They are more focused on the dogs’ temperament than on hunting instincts or appearance. Many Golden Retrievers from this breeder have gone on to win dog shows. If you’re living in Maryland or its environs, you might want to get your fur buddy from this breeder. You will end up with the best Golden Retriever to stay on your couch with you throughout the day.

Liberty Run Golden Retrievers Details

  • Address: 1443 Buckhorn Rd, Sykesville, MD 21784, United States
  • Phone: +1 410-549-2911
  • Website: Liberty Run Golden Retrievers

Conclusion For The “Best English Golden Retriever Breeders in the USA”

Conclunsion For The Best English Golden Retriever Breeders in the United States

English Golden Retrievers make excellent family pets. Although there are many puppy mills out there, you can find trustworthy breeders with a little research. Start with the best English Golden Retriever breeders listed above. We hope you end up with a healthy and suitable dog and wish you the best on your journey.

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