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Cane Corso Protection Dogs – these words strike fear into thieves and trouble-makers, but where do you start?

This short guide will answer some common questions and provide valuable information to consider when searching for a Cane Corso protection dogs for your family or business.

If you are looking for serious home and family protection, there really isn’t a better personal protection breed than a Cane Corso, but it must come from working lines

aussie shepherd - Cane Corso Protection Dogs for saleOne way to look at this is just about any Australian Shepherd can catch a Frisbee. As a matter of fact, most of them love to play, and they are a natural at Frisbee. But it takes a special one, from working lines, to round up a flock of sheep with nips and barks that show anyone nearby “I’m in charge”.

The same is true with Cane Corso Protection Dogs. All Cane Corsos look impressive. Most will bark and growl, pretty much as most any dog at home at night at a prowler. But you need a trained dog from working lines to “attack and protect”. Personal protection dogs have to possess characteristics that are usually only found in dogs when they are bred to have these characteristics.

You can’t simply purchase a Cane Corso that has been trained by someone, place it in your home and expect to be protected

Cane Corso Protection Dogs for sale - good with childrenIt’s the “dirty secret” in the world of Cane Corso protection dogs for sale. Sure, basic commands like sit and stay may hold over into the new environment, but this is more similar to handing a loaded pistol to a child. Cane Corsos and really any breed, need to be professionally trained by your side, by your children’s side, in your home.

The “dirty secret”? It takes a minimum of 18 weeks of daily professional training at your side to become fully bonded with you and your family. This is why ALL of GSTK9 dog’s protection work is done at your side.

It’s crucial that you know the difference between “Deterrent Dogs” and “Man-Stoppers”, because only Man-Stoppers are true protection dogs

Deterrent Dogs – These dogs will typically growl, bark and have impressive obedience, however they don’t generally have the character to fight through serious opposition. Deterrent dogs will probably scare off the kid trying to steel your child’s bicycle but will not fight off a serious attacker. Sadly, these dogs are what most people think are protection dogs.

Man-Stoppers – This is the dog that most people think they want, and everybody is claiming to sell. The fact is to have a dog like this, you need the right genetics from working lines and professional training specifically designed with the needs of the new owner, in the owner’s environment, at the owner’s side.

Not all Cane Corso’s can be protection dogs. You must get your dog from the proper breeders who know the lineages

Here is the biggest problem:


Most folks assume they can get a protection type dog…German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Cane Corso, etc… from a breeder or a shelter, then watch some You Tube Videos and “Voila! I have a protection dog!”


What you now have an animal that is all too similar to a loaded weapon with the safety off.

The primary issue, is that when you see these amazing videos, or read the incredible stories, in most every case, these animals were acquired from specific breeding lines.

Do you think the police get their dogs from ordinary breeders?

News Flash: NO

What most folks do not realize is that in instances where people employ personal protection or police dogs – they get them from breeders who breed SPECIFICALLY for that. So your chances of getting a trainable personal protection dog from a regular breeder, or a shelter is essentially slim-to-none.

Serious Cane Corso Protection Dogs For Sale

Here at Golden State Training, we have a single mission in mind. Our mission is to ensure that every Cane Corso we have the privilege of working with, becomes a permanent family member. Loved, trusted and happy, and also ready to vigorously defend family members on a moment’s notice. We offer you the opportunity to own and spend your life with a fully-trained dog and know what it feels like to live with a happy obedient companion at your side.

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