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Best Travel Kettle Will Help You Start Your Day Right


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Can’t face a day of sightseeing without your morning cup of tea or coffee? Your accommodation might not have what you need. Our readers recommend the best travel electric kettle so you can start your day the right way!

Best Travel Kettle

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Travel Fashion Girl help! A reader question from the TFG Facebook Group:

What are your recommendations for the best travel tea kettle? It sounds ridiculous to some, I’m sure. However, my husband likes to have a few cups of coffee every day while we travel. Most hotel rooms only have a coffee maker, so I’m always stuck with tea that tastes like coffee or no tea at all.

When on vacation, you need your hot morning drink just as much as when you are at home. But when traveling, you don’t always have access to your essential kitchen utilities, such as coffee makers and electric kettles.

So, what do you do? Portable kettles or even an immersion water boiler can be tucked into your suitcase and used in your accommodation.

Our readers share their tips on how to make a cup of tea or coffee when abroad with their recommendations for the best travel kettle you can take with you anywhere!

The Best Travel Kettle

Travel tea kettles can entail collapsible or stainless steel models that are compact and packable and can usually accommodate up to two cups.


LOUTYTUO 555ML Small Electric Kettle Travel

LOUTYTUO Collapsible Electric Kettle

Made of silicone and totally PBA free, get a decent cup of tea or coffee out of this collapsible portable kettle by LOUTYTUO.

The one-button function is easy and your water will be hot in three to five minutes. The neatest part of this kettle is that you can detach the power cord and handle for easy packing, it also comes with a carrying case. Plus its dual voltage and can be used at home or abroad. A handy accessory with a 555 ml capacity.

One traveler extols the health benefits of bringing one of these. “I got this so I could make healthier food choices in my room than might be available in my hotel. I just used this on a trip. It’s very easily packed, opens, and sets up perfectly. The water was boiling as noted in instructions. Easy cleanup and no taste from the unit silicone transmitted to the water. It’s now a travel necessity for me. Well worth the price.”


IronRen 0.5L Portable Electric Travel Kettle

IronRen 0.5 L Portable Electric Kettle

This travel electric tea kettle from IronRen is great for traveling. Use it to boil water for your cup of tea or coffee or, alternatively, you could use it for heating milk or boiling noodles. This mini electric kettle for travellers will turn itself off automatically after the water boils.

One reader says, “I don’t travel anywhere without my stainless steel travel kettle and my own tea bags.”

Check out these options for the best water bottle for travel!


PLAZALA 350 ML Small Electric Travel Kettle

PLAZALA Portable Electric Tea Kettle

Looks like a thermos, but it’s really the smallest electric kettle travel has likely seen! Joking aside, the Plazala would fit nicely into a suitcase and works well for solo travelers at 350 ml.

Built durable, it’s waterproof, has a non-slip bottom, and doesn’t keel over when on top of surfaces. It’s also doubly insulated so not hot to the touch (but still, always be cautious!). With a one-button switch and auto-shutoff, it’s super easy to operate.

One travel veteran sounds in, “I’m a flight attendant and constantly need hot water (tea, coffee, soup, etc.) on my overnights and sometimes between flights. It fits in my lunch bag or suitcase with no issue. It’s about the size of a coffee grinder or thermos bottle. It gets the water hot enough pretty quick, has an auto shut off, and even a delay before you can use it again that way it doesn’t overheat.”


BonNoces 0.5L Travel Kettle Electric

BonNoces Portable Water Kettle

This small travel kettle by BonNoces comes in some adorable colors and will make your morning beverage with ease. With a 0.5L capacity and automatic shut-off, you don’t have to worry about forgetting it!

The 110V, 800W power can boil water in only five minutes and users say it’s easy to clean. This user finds it’s great for multiple purposes. “Nice size for office and traveling!”


LOUTYTUO Travel Hot Water Kettle

LOUTYTUO Electric Kettle Travel – Stainless Steel

When it comes to travel electric tea kettles this thermos-like device from LOUTYTUO could be used for car camping or an RV trip, not just travel abroad, basically anywhere you’d have access to an outlet.

The 2-in-1 design can be used not just as a kettle, but also as a straight thermos, so also wonderful for old-fashioned camping if you just need it to carry liquids, keeping hot from 24-48 hours. It’s built smartly so it won’t overboil and be too hot!

This reviewer is happy with their pick, “I got this for traveling, and so far, have used it only as a kettle, not to drink from. Have used it on two domestic trips. Safer than an immersion heater, and I don’t need to worry about having a compatible mug. I found it was fine for making one cup of coffee using a collapsible cone, but not enough for two. That’s good enough for most of my usage. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it brought water to a boil—faster than the six minutes stated on the insert.”

Bonus: This travel electric kettle stainless steel model is resistant to corrosion or oxidation too!


Brentwood 0.85L Dual-Voltage Travel Foldable Kettle

Brentwood KT-1508BK Foldable Portable Tea Kettle

Heat water for your morning cup of tea in a flash using the Brentwood Travel Water Kettle. Its collapsible design means you can expand it to boil 0.85L of water in one go, and when finished, easily fold it away and stash it in your bag.

One reader shares how she brought this hot water kettle for her trip and says, “It worked perfectly for what I needed. Plus its collapsible design saved me room in my luggage.” Another reader says, “I like this one because it did not give the water a silicone taste like other options I had tried.”

If you’re concerned with staying healthy while on-the-go, a portable smoothie blender can make life that much easier!


Bluelark 555ML Dual Voltage Travel Water Boiler Kettle

Bluelark Dual Voltage Foldable Travel Water Heater Kettle

The small electric kettle for travel from Bluelark is readily accessible to boil hot water on any continent!

This mini tea kettle allows you to boil 0.5L of water, and it is also dual voltage. It has a fantastic safety feature with a sturdy lid lock to avoid any accidents.

Several readers recommend Bluelark. One says, “This is a cheaper option. It offers a fast boil and no funky tastes.” Another reader adds, “I have this kettle, also. It’s my favorite. I have even boiled eggs in it! It heats up quickly, is dual voltage, and has an automatic shut off.”


AKEFG 0.6L Collapsible Electric Kettle Travel Size

AKEFG Travel Electric Water Kettle – Collapsible

Another lightweight portable water boiler for travel—they’re SO good! The AKEFG mini electric kettle is silicone and collapses so you can take it anywhere.

The capacity is 0.6L, It’s easy to operate and has a warming function so your water won’t cool off too quickly. Plus its foldable, excellent for domestic or travel abroad.

A frequent flyer says, “I now carry this in my luggage every time I fly so that I can prepare hot water anywhere I am with my Aeropress coffee brewer. Works great. Brings water to boiling temperature in less than five minutes. Fits in my luggage nicely. Very happy with my purchase.”

Note: When traveling with mini electric kettles, you need to remember to pack a travel adapter and look for items with dual voltage to be sure they will work abroad.

The Best One Cup Water Heater/Kettle for Road Travel

Car and RV travel is a fun way to explore your own backyard, and of course, the best way to start off an early morning departure is with a steaming cup in your hand. So a travel hot water heater or kettle that you can use on-on-the-go is a great idea!


Zerodis 1L Portable Water Boiler For Tea/Coffee

Zerodis Portable Hot Water Kettle

This Zerodis traveling kettle has a 1-liter capacity and is made of top-grade plastic which is temperature resistant. Simply plug into the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle and it’ll take up to 30 minutes to heat, but also has an automatic shut-off function.

While that sounds like a long time, if you’re driving or stopping for a roadside picnic, time may be all you have!

A road trip enthusiast shares their experience, “Easy coffee, tea, cocoa, and instant camping meals, ramen, etc. It helped so much when we were on a winter road trip, it got down to -6℉ and it only took 30 minutes to heat up, to a boil. It was a lifesaver over and over again!”

The same user offers a tip too! “Just FYI, any 12V plug takes a while to heat up compared to a household plug that uses 1500 watts! It’s definitely worth the value.”


Spardar 12V-350ML Car Travel Hot Water Maker

Spardar Portable Boiling Water Heater

This Spadar device is essentially like a large cup that boils water while you’re in transit or having a pit stop during a road trip. Composed of superior quality, food-grade stainless steel (inside and outside), it has a digital display that allows you to customize the temperature for your needs. At a 350 ml capacity, you can make about 2.5 cups of tea or coffee, or other things like instant noodles if hunger pains strike.

It heats up in about 16 minutes and it’s easy to operate. The charger inserts into a cigarette lighter socket but also detaches so you can use the body as a thermos!

One review says, “My husband is from Argentina and loves to drink Maté during our road trips. This travel hot water kettle allows me to heat up water during our trip so we can enjoy our tea without needing to get hot water from a gas station. It heats up 11 ounces in 10-15 minutes. You can set the temperature and have it stay hot. It’s enough for an individual serving on the go.”

Stay connected with these travel electronics!

The Best Travel Immersion Heater

Another top reader suggestion is taking portable water boilers for tea and coffee that are smaller and even easier to carry. One reader says, “You can get a small immersion heater that boils water in a cup or mug. I took one of them all around Europe. I did take a metal mug, but it works fine in a ceramic one, too.”


Lewis N. Clark Portable Travel Immersion Heater

Heater Immersion Portable Water Boiler

Make a cup of hot tea in just 1 to 2 minutes using this Portable Travel Immersion Heater. It is perfect for travelers because it is portable and lightweight, so it will not take up much room in your bag — even less than the smallest electric kettle. Best of all, it’s dual voltage!

One reader says, “You can get a small immersion heater that boils water in a cup or mug. I took one of them all around Europe. I did take a metal mug, but it works fine in a ceramic one, too.” Another reader adds, “An immersion heat boiler is fantastic to pack for air travel; so convenient.”

One reader’s best advice for using an immersion heater is to “not plug it in until it’s in the water and then unplug before you remove it.”

Tip: Be careful to not forget about it!


Nopro 559 Immersion Portable Water Boiler Travel

Norpro 300W Immersion Portable Water Heater for Coffee/Tea

The Nopro immersion travel tea maker can be placed in a portable mug and warm-up liquids or heat water in about three minutes. Easy to pack and store, just be careful when operating and ensure it’s fully cooled before packing away!

Useful for a hotel or even a camper van trip, it’s a simple and easy accessory. One review agrees, saying, “Great for a good cup of tea in a short amount of time. Heats fast, space-saving, efficient, and inexpensive.”

Check out more great travel gadgets for your next trip!

Travel Water Heater Kettle Comparison Chart


NEWVANGA International Universal All in One Travel Adapter

How To Use Your Portable Electric Water Kettle Abroad

Make sure you have a travel adapter when using a mini tea kettle travel sized accessory, which enables you to plug your electronics into international outlets. Not all countries use the same type of plug, so use an international adapter like this one.

One reader says, “This adapter is AH-mazing! Very sturdy and durable. This is the only adapter that you will need! It works everywhere!” Another adds, “This is perfect for using with any of your devices while abroad.”

Note: this travel adapter can only be used with dual voltage kettles and other devices.

Why Be Aware When Using a Travel Size Electric Tea Kettle?

Most electrical appliances can use up a fair amount of electricity so it’s particularly important that they are used with the correct voltage.

For example, in the US we use 110-120V whereas in Europe they use 220-240V. If we plug our electronics into each other’s outlets, they can blow a fuse and stop working. In some cases, they can even fry your hair. The video below can also shed light on adapters, converters, and the right voltage:

Learn about travel adapters, converters, and voltage in this video!

It’s important to understand that an adaptor and converter are NOT the same things. An adapter fits the outlets and a converter changes the electrical current so your electronics don’t blow a fuse!

To make sure you feel confident using your travel teapot electric appliance, read our quick guide on Travel Adapters, Converter, and Voltage!

What do you think is the best travel kettle? Share in the comments below!

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