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t shirt printing

If you have a working Inkjet printer and an iron, you can easily print your own T Shirt at home. Best of all, no previous experience is needed. In this guide, we will talk you through the process. Before we begin, you should be aware that there are two types of T Shirt printing papers, one called ‘light t shirt transfer paper’ and one called ‘dark t shirt transfer paper’.

The ‘light’ type is only suitable for white or cream coloured T Shirts, while the ‘dark’ type is suitable for any colour T Shirt, including dark, black, coloured and even white colour T Shirt. Look at the dark type as a universal t shirt transfer paper. If you have doubts as to the most suitable transfer paper type for your project, the dark option is the safest choice.

The transfer stage after printing on the T Shirt paper differs between the light and dark transfer paper types and our two video guides further down the page will demonstrate correct application in each case.

Before you’re ready to print your own T Shirt at home, you will need a few essentials:

T Shirt – Fabric can include Cotton, Viscose, Polyester, Silk and others. As long as they do not melt under a hot Iron, the transfer process should work. Look at the label inside your choice of T Shirt for any ironing restrictions. For best results, we recommend 100% cotton fabrics.

Iron – We recommend an iron of 1600w or higher. Lower watt ironing may not provide sufficient heat thereby reducing the long term durability of the finished article. Most common sign of insufficient heat will result in the transfer fading after washing. On the other hand, when enough heat and pressure have been applied during the transfer process, the T Shirt should last 15 to 20 washes easily. Take note of the recommended washing and care guidelines further down the page.

Inkjet Printer – The PPD range of T Shirt transfer paper is suitable with any Inkjet printer including HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Kodak and other makes including Dye (everyday – normal inks) and pigment based inks. If you are using a different brand, check for printer compatibility.

T Shirt Transfer Paper – Choose between the dark type and the light type depending on your choice of T Shirt colour. Remember, light transfer paper is only suitable for white or cream colours, while the dark transfer paper is suitable with any colour, even white.

Printing Using The Dark Transfer Paper – Video Guide:

Printing Using The Light Transfer Paper – Video Guide:

T Shirt Care and Washing:

  • Wait 24 Hours before washing the garment for the first time
  • Wash in a washing machine using a 40 degree C (or 104F) programme using a FULL SPIN CYCLE
  • It is recommended to pre-wash the printed garments if the first use is likely to be in extreme wet conditions (i.e. sweating)
  • Not suitable for hand washing or delicate cycles
  • Do not leave garments soaking in water

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

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