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UltraSkin “Black” Layered Cue Tips

The Ultraskin Layered Cue Tip offers both the custom cue maker and the cue repair person the quality he and his customer expects at affordable prices.

All Tips are 14 mm & 8 layers

Each piece of leather is inspected and shaved to exact size. All the layers are put through a proprietary treatment and each layer is coupled with proprietary resins so each Ultraskin Layered Cue Tip will give the player the same feel and hit each time.

UltraSkin “Ivory” Layered Cue Tips

8 Layers of Japanese Pig Skin 14mm

This Pig Skin is put through a Chlorine type solution and Rinse before Tanning

When I started my Journey about 8 years ago I made a promise to the Cue Makers and Cue Repair people

Great Quality, speedy non marked up shipping and Fair Prices. I hope I have lived up to my promise.

Please note, I don’t use different color Pig Skin in between the layers. I have tested and had many “A” players test the hit both ways and all agreed the “Hit” seemed more true going all 8 layers the same. Your preference may be different but that is how it is with UltraSkins.

The “Ivory” comes in SOFT, MEDIUM and HARD and I do not believe that will change.

UltraSkin “Fire” Layered Cue Tips

Ultraskin Layered Pool Cue Tip

8 Layers of Japanese Pig Skin 14mm

The hit of the UltraSkin Fire has a firmness and elasticity in between the UltraSkin Black and Ivory.

The “Fire” comes in SOFT, MEDIUM and HARD and I do not believe that will change.

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Mix and Match 10 or more $35.00 with $3.50 per additional tip Black UltraSkin Layered Cue Tips Pro UltraSkin Tips: Very Soft UltraSkin Tips: Soft UltraSkin Tips: Medium UltraSkin Tips: Hard UltraSkin Tips: Heavy Hitter UltraSkin Tips: Ivory UltraSkin Layered Cue Tips Soft Ivory UltraSkin Tips: Medium Ivory UltraSkin Tips: Hard Ivory UltraSkin Tips: Fire UltraSkin Layered Cue Tips Soft Fire UltraSkin Tips: Medium Fire UltraSkin Tips: Hard Fire UltraSkin Tips: Proceed To Checkout

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