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Vegan Candy Corn Brands – Do They Exist? (2021 Update)

Is candy corn vegan?

The answer is no. Unfortunately, any candy corn brand we could find had some sort of animal product.

UPDATE 10/9/2021 – We recently discovered that YumEarth is now manufacturing a vegan candy corn brand without egg which you can confirm on their website. Unfortunately, although YumEarth removed the eggs that this product contains shellac which is made from insects and is not considered vegan.

In the past, whether it was gelatin, egg whites, honey or something else – there wasn’t any vegan brand of candy corn on the market at the time of writing this – whether it’s Brach’s, Jelly Belly or a more generic brand.

So what’s a vegan to do?

Well, we’ve got some vegan candy corn alternatives.

You could also check out these vegan gummy bear brands

or these vegan marshmallow brands.

Below there’s three of the easiest videos I could find on how to make vegan candy corn.

We’re not all aficionados in the kitchen so these recipes are simple, don’t require too many ingredients, and are really thorough.

Find one that fits your needs, so you can start enjoying candy corn too.

Let’s begin…

This one makes like a jelly kind of candy corn, so if you’re looking for something chewier, than you’ll have to choose from one of the other videos below. This one is really easy. It doesn’t require any rolling or smashing layers together.

These candy corns or kind of like a layered jello so there’s some wait time in between putting the layers together.

But in the time it takes you to make one layer, the other one looks like it’s about ready. There’s more cutting involved since the layers are gelatin, but overall they looked like they turned out great.

Now, I will say that I don’t think storage for these will be possible because you can’t really store jello triangles unless they’re on a plate or in a mini cup.

If you don’t mind the triangles getting a little friendly with each other and combining during storage than there shouldn’t be a problem.

These seem like they would be ideal for a party situation.

Of all three this one had the best explanation.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I like it when people talk and not just put directions on the screen. It’s easier to follow in the kitchen if you hear the instructions.

His came out pretty good as well. They were quick and easy and didn’t require too many ingredients or too much handy work. They did come out a little flat because he smashed the pieced together, but you could skip that step if you want them to be puffier or bigger.

I will say he used a lot of sugar, but hey, it’s candy season so why not.

Of all three I think these came out the best.

They looked the tastiest and most authentic.

She did use a few more ingredients and had to do a little more handiwork but it paid off. These will be the ones that will get passed around my home during the fall. They did look a little oily at the end in the jar she had them stored in, but I think if you freeze them for a bit that should eliminate that problem.

If you find a way to get rid of the oiliness, these would be great to package up and pass around as a fun holiday treat or just to keep around the house to snack on.

vegan candy corn brands

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