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Vitamix Ascent Series (A3300 Vs. A3500) Blenders | Comparison & Differences 2020 |

Vitamix Ascent Series (A3300 Vs. A3500) Blenders | Comparison & Differences 2020

Vitamix Ascent ( A3300 Vs. A3500) Blender Differences: These two powerful blenders from Vitamix are the latest in blending technology. Both models are Bluetooth® enabled, allowing you to unlock a huge selection of 17 additional blending modes, and over 600 recipes. You can use this APP on your smartphone or ipad.

Both blenders have the powerful 2.2 horsepower motor, BPA free plastic containers, self detect technology, blending presets, and an industry leading 10 year warranty. A rotary dial on both blenders allows you to manually select up to 10 speeds for blending. Both have a programmable timer. These blenders are part of the new Ascent Series.

The main differences between the Vitamix A3300 and A3500 are: The main difference is that the A3500 has more advanced features. The A3500 has touch control 5 preset blending programs right on the blender. The additional presets on the A3500 are for Smoothies, Frozen Desserts, Hot Soup, Self cleaning and Dips & Spreads modes. The A3500 and A3300 have incorporated touch controls onto the blender. Both models can unlock 17 preset timed programs using your Smartphone or tablet, and unlock 600 blending recipes. See the comparison chart below for key differences in features.

The Bottom Line Vitamix A3300 Vs. A3500: Both blenders from the motor, blades, and container are identical. The A3300 is similar to the A3500 but without the 5 built-in preset blending programs. These presets can be accessed by the A3300 and many more when using the Vitamix APP.

Both models come with the Vitamix APP and Bluetooth® connectivity to your smartphone or APP. So, if you use the APP with the A3300, the 5 presets available on the A3500 touchscreen will become available, as well as many more presets for dry chopping, nut butters, cold skim milk foam, salad dressings, spice grinding, baby food, marinades, and more. You get the 17 presets on the APP with either model, and 600 recipes to choose from.

While both models have a visible timer, only the A3500 has a programmable count-down timer that shuts off the blender when done. The A3300 is about $100 cheaper than the A3500. If you don’t need the 5 extra physical presets, then the A3300 might be the better choice. If however you want the extra presets right on the blender, and a touch control system with icons, then the A3500 would be your choice.

Self detect technology: The base of blender is able to detect the size of the container attached and automatically adjust program settings and blending times automatically. This feature is installed on both models.

Vitamix Ascent-Series A3500 Touch Control | Smart Wireless Blender (Video)

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