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The Certified Reconditioned Next Generation Vitamix (aka Recon 7500): Everything You Ought to Know – Life is NOYOKE

A Certified Reconditioned Vitamix 7500 in front of white background.

The Certified Reconditioned Next Generation (aka Refurb 7500) is a very popular pick for people who buy their Vitamix through us.

And for good reason!

You get Vitamix quality and performance that’s as good as all full-size machines for an amazing deal.

We’ll go over more detail below. But first, a few notes:

First, the link above will get you free shipping and us credit for the referral (but you already know this, right?).

Second, feel free to send us your order confirmation and we’ll make sure you’re well taken care of.

Third, here’s our Vitamix model comparison page if you haven’t already gone through it.

Okay, let’s talk about this Vitamix.

The listed name is the Certified Reconditioned Next Generation. We call it a Recon 7500.

Going forward, we’ll just call it the Recon Next Gen. Here we go.

Why you should trust us

shalva lenny gale life is noyoke vitamix a3500 and 48 oz containerI write these “why you should trust us” blurbs in all of our Vitamix review posts. The essence of them is the same. We’ve been helping people buy and use their Vitamix for a lot of years. In fact, there’s nobody else out there who does what we do. (Maybe that’s a bad thing?) We make our living running this remote, mom-and-pop Vitamix shop. Your satisfaction is required for us to keep our lights on. We literally cannot afford to make a bad recommendation. 🙂

Model history

In 2013, Vitamix released its Next Generation Line. G-Series for short.

These models, the 7500, Pro 750, and 780, had a few key differences from their predecessors, the 5200 and Pro 7500.

Compared to previous models, the Next Generation line had:

  • Low-profile containers
  • More power
  • Larger dial (#1)
  • Larger rubber base (#2)
  • Added safety via secondary on/off switch (#3)
  • Quieter (less loud) noise output

And, the look and feel was slightly different.

(You’ll notice the 5200 on the right is labeled Classic. That was true in 2013. Today, they sell both models under this Classic category.)

Next Generation G-Series and Classic C-Series Vitamix

Okay, back to the Vitamix we’re talking about today. It’s the one on the left; the Certified Reconditioned Next Generation (aka, the Recon 7500).

Benefits and strong points

The Recon 7500 is really a great machine. You could call it a no-frills, Vitamix-owner’s Vitamix.

It’s benefits:

  • Low-profile. Certainly, the low-profile 64-ounce container has its drawbacks compared to a narrow-bodied container. But it really does have some advantages.
  • Less noisy. It’s not the quietest you can get. But it’s certainly a bit less loud than narrow-bodied classics like the E310 and the 5200.
  • Easy to use. This Vitamix has the classic controls with two switches and a knob.
  • Price. New, these are over $500. Here’s a new 7500.

Blend quality is great, too. There’s no discernible difference between a smoothie made in the Recon 7500 and one made in the most expensive model.

And, like all full-size machines, it can make all the Vitamix recipes you’d want to make. Smoothies, soups, frozen desserts, nut butters, et al.

Drawbacks and common criticism

I looked back at six years worth of email and all the external reviews. And the result?

People really like this machine.

Here are the two most common criticisms.

“It doesn’t work [as I expect it to]”. Most of these provide detail about what wasn’t working and most of those people are making one of the several common mistakes new Vitamix owners make.

“The container is too big.” For small batches of thick blends, the container that comes with the Certified Reconditioned Next Generation is too big. The solution is to make bigger batches of those thick blends or grab one of the compatible, secondary, narrow containers for a Classic Vitamix like the one we recommend, the 32-oz.

Comparisons to other Vitamix models

Here’s how this Vitamix, the Reconditioned 7500 compares to others.

7500 vs A2300

How does the 7500 compare to the A2300?

The Vitamix 7500 and A2300 are similar from a features standpoint. They both use the classic knob and two switches control. And neither have any pre-programmed settings. In our tests, we found the 7500 to be a bit less noisy. But the A2300 has the Ascent features like a countdown timer and compatibility with the 8-oz containers.

7500 vs A2500

How does the 7500 compare to the A2500?

The Vitamix 7500 and A2500 are similarly shaped, both low profile. Blend quality is identical. The difference is features. The A2500 has Ascent Series features and also has three pre-programmed settings. Interestingly, the 7500 carries a higher price tag. This is likely because the 7500 requires more disparate parts to assemble than the newer A2500.

7500 vs 5200

How does the 7500 compare to the 5200?

The Vitamix 7500 and 5200 are different in a couple of ways. The 7500 comes with the low-profile 64-ounce container whereas the 5200 comes with the classic 64-ounce which is narrow. The 7500 has a bit more power, but it’s not noticeable in the blend quality. The 7500 may be a tiny bit less noisy, too.

7500 vs Pro 750

How does the 7500 compare to the Pro 750?

The Vitamix 7500 and Pro 750 are nearly identical. They’re both Classic, Next Generation Vitamix models. The biggest difference is that the Pro 750 comes with five pre-programmed settings and a pulse button while the 7500 does not. Also, the Pro 750 is available in True Metal Finish which helps dampen some of the noise.

Recon 7500 vs Recon Explorian (E320)

How does a Reconditioned 7500 compare to a Reconditioned Explorian?

The Reconditioned 7500 and Reconditioned Explorian are similar machines. Low-profile, classic knob and switches, no frills. The 7500 is a bit less noisy than the Explorian. And the dial and switches are a different style. Finally, the warranties differ by two years: Recon 7500 comes with a five-year warranty and the Explorian only three.

Our experience

I used the 7500 full time for about six months. I used the upgrade version of it, the Pro 750, for four years.

The only difference between the two is the sound output (slightly different), and the pre-programmed settings. The former depends on your living situation, the latter depends on personal preference; we like them.

It’s a rock-solid machine that can be a really good fit, especially at a good price.

Who this Vitamix may be for

Reconditioned Next Generation Vitamix 7500

I like to say that the Recon 7500 is the base-model Honda CRV of Vitamix.

  • Great value
  • Great performance
  • No extra bells and whistles

If the idea of making bigger batches of soup and ice cream and hummus doesn’t scare you, it’s a good fit. And if it does, you may want to consider adding this secondary container.

Certified Reconditioned?

We love gifting Certified Reconditioned models to friends and family. They’re such a good value and have no downside.

The boxes are labeled as such. So if you’re gifting one of these Certified Reconditioned Next Gen models, make sure the recipient understands the true quality of what they’re getting. 🙂

Free shipping & 30-day returns

Use this link to buy with free shipping. Orders through our site also come with no-cost, 30-day returns; they’ll send you a shipping label.

The link above will get us credit for the referral (but you already know this, right?).

Let us know (and eCookbook)

Let us know you ordered through us! We’ll also send you a free copy of your eCookbook to accompany your purchase. Yours to keep no matter what.


These models, when available, go out of stock pretty quickly. I’d add one to your cart now and take the plunge.

And during that moment of panic (buyer’s remorse), you can watch our YouTube Channel or scroll through our Instagram to be assured that this thing is actually worth it. 🙂

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