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15 Places to Find Vizsla Puppies for Sale: Best to Worst

Cute Vizsla puppies in a woven bin

In my early teen, I got a Vizsla puppy as a birthday present. She was the cutest thing I ever laid my eyes on at the time. I would go everywhere with her. Do everything with her. For a long time, Sasha (my Vizsla dog) was my best friend, and I still think of her fondly.

If you want to get a Vizsla pup for your kid or yourself, they’re one of the most affectionate dog breeds you’d ever come across. And there are so many places you can find one. A lot of options to choose from and I’m here to help you find them.

The most convenient way to find dogs are online. It’ll save you a lot of time, resources, and it presents you with a myriad of choices to make your pick.

In this article, I have put together a list of places where you can find Vizsla puppies for sale. You can go through them and decide what will work best for you.

Understanding the Different Types of Vizsla Breeder

There are typically four sources where you can get your Vizsla puppy from: reputable breeders, backyard breeders, puppy mills, and adoption agencies.

Reputable breeders are professional dog breeders who breed solely for the love of the breed and always possess great knowledge of genetics, common health problems of the breed, and their bloodline. Reputable breeders are usually dedicated to maintaining and upholding the standard of the breed in all relevant areas such as appearance, health, and temperament.

Backyard breeders are individuals who breed their own dogs but are not as thorough, professional, and guaranteed as reputable breeders. Breeding is usually not their profession, so you don’t expect them to offer the best dogs in terms of health.

Puppy mills, on the other hand, are the last place you want to get a puppy. They raise puppies the way farmers raise livestock: in cages and in large quantities. Dogs are not raised in the best conditions here as they are usually dehydrated, underfed, and kept in unsanitized environments where they produce again and again.

Another means through which you can get a Vizsla pup is if you go through adoption. There are a lot of abandoned dogs that have been rescued and are waiting for nice loving families to take them in. It is really cheap to adopt a dog as opposed to the other sources, but it does come with its risks.

By far, the best choice you can make is getting your pup from a reputable or professional breeder. They are definitely more expensive than the rest, but it worth the price in the long run.

They breed their dogs following all the ethical standards, no short cuts. They make sure their dogs pass health screenings, so that patronizing them means getting a healthy, strong dog.

To further show how much they care, they usually go the extra mile to make sure their dogs are going to homes where they will be given care. And to top it off, you will get a kennel club certification papers for the dog you purchase.

Places to Find Vizsla for Sale: From Best to Worst

American Kennel Club (AKC) Marketplace

  • Link: AKC Marketplace – Vizsla Puppies for Sale
  • Risk Level: Very Low
  • Search Options: Gender, Distance, Puppy Availability, Images, Breeders of Distinction, Address, Champion Bloodlines, Club Member

The safest place you can get your Vizsla puppy is from the American Kennel Club (AKC) marketplace. You will find breeders with a good reputation listing their puppies for sale here, and you will have a 100% guarantee that you will get the dog that is worthy of the money you pay.

You can easily navigate their market and find the exact dog you want. There are search options available with which you can make the search process easy.

You will find pictures of every pup available posted by breeders as well as their information such as gender, age, championship bloodline, and contact information of the breeder.

Also, you will find specific badges on some of the listings. These badges indicate whether the breeder is an AKC breeder of merit, they’re an AKC club member, and if their dogs are AKC bred with health testing standards and participated in continuing education. This helps to show you how invested each breeder is.

The AKC has high standards that they expect breeders to meet; otherwise, the breeders will not be able to list their dogs on the AKC marketplace. Their procedures inspire confidence in them, and their inspections keep breeders on their toes.

With all the checks in place to make sure that they offer only the best-bred dogs for sale, the price you will get your Vizsla puppy at this market will be well worth it.

You’re guaranteed to buy a healthy puppy of good parentage and will come with AKC certification papers. It will seem to be on the expensive side at first, but in the long run, you sure won’t regret it.

Vizsla Club of America (VCA)

  • Link: VCA Breeder Directory – Regional Clubs
  • Risk Level: Low
  • Search Options: State

The Vizsla Club of America is one of the safest places to find Vizsla puppies for sale. They have a binding code of ethics that all their members must adhere to. This code protects all their members and the dogs they breed.

They partner with independent regional Vizsla clubs located around the country. All you have to do is find a Club in or around your state and contact them.

They will give you the information you need about reputable Vizsla breeders. This is the safest path to take; however, there is another option.

VCA provides a Breeder Directory where you can find Vizsla breeders around the country. Although it is a concise list, the VCA will not be held responsible if you encounter problems with any of the breeders listed on the Directory.

The VCA does not endorse the breeders, so they advise you to do your own research and decide for yourself which breeder will work best for you.

I would suggest you take the first option and contact regional Vizsla clubs for reputable breeder information. You will undoubtedly be referred to Vizsla breeders who have been tested and can be trusted.

Greenfield Puppies

  • Link: Greenfield Puppies – Vizsla Puppies for Sale
  • Risk Level: Moderate
  • Search Options: Breed, State, Price, Weight, Activity Level, Grooming Level, Registration, Champion Bloodline, Extended Health Guarantee

Greenfield Puppies was founded to connect healthy puppies with caring families. They are strictly against puppy mills and any breeder who doesn’t follow ethical breeding practices.

Greenfield Puppies assign photographers to visit breeders to see the puppies personally and make sure that they are being taken care of.

And if they cannot get a photographer to some breeders, they will collect enough background information on the breeder and if the breeders are not following ethical dog breeding practices, they will be banned from listing their puppies on the website.

They make sure each puppy available for sale carries a 30-day health guarantee, minimum, which is provided by the breeder. They make sure all puppies are vet checked and kept up to date on their vaccinations and de-wormer.

Greenfield Puppies is one of the safest places you could get your Vizsla pup. They have every pup’s best interest at heart, and they make sure that at the end of the day, both dogs and humans are happy and content.

Although Greenfield Puppies is a fairly good site to buy a puppy, there are very few Vizsla puppies available for sale.

Good Dog

  • Link: Good Dog – Vizsla Puppies for Sale
  • Risk Level: Moderate
  • Search Options: Distance, Transportation Choice, Availability, Health Testing

Good Dog has some stringent community standards that every breeder must meet or exceed before they are allowed to list their dogs. Breeders go through screening tests which they must pass in order to ensure their credibility as good breeders who adhere to the code of ethics.

This is another safe place you can get your Vizsla puppy. You’re guaranteed to meet reputable breeders here who care for their dogs and are committed to their health and well being. When it comes to your dog, nothing gives you peace of mind more than having a healthy dog.

While Good Dog evaluates potential breeders, they also do the same to potential customers. They are committed to finding good homes for their dogs so they can rest easy knowing their puppies are receiving the best possible treatment in their new homes.

There are a handful of Vizsla dogs available for sale on the site, so you have options to choose from. Breeders who do not have puppies in the present announce when they expect a new litter.

You won’t see the price of the dogs on the site till you contact a breeder and submit an application. You will be told the next steps to take only after you have been evaluated.


  • Link: PuppySpot – Vizsla Puppies for Sale
  • Risk Level: Moderate
  • Search Options: Age, Gender, Color, Video, Ready to Travel

PuppySpot is an online service that lists puppies available for sale. They help responsible breeders pair their puppies with loving and caring families across the US.

They make the whole process easy for both customers and breeders, making sure both are satisfied with every transaction.

PuppySpot screens and vets their breeders to make sure that only responsible breeders make it into their community. Their screening process is so comprehensive that they claim only about 10% of applicants make it into their ranks.

They have a zero-tolerance policy for puppy mills or any breeder who places profit over the welfare of the dogs they breed. Puppies bought through them are AKC registered and go through a thorough health examination before they’re shipped to their new families.

They also require the new owners to take the dog to their vet for confirmation and re-verification of the puppy’s health. With over 7,000 positive reviews from customers, PuppySpot is a great place to get your Vizsla pup.

However, there are not many vizslas puppies listed there for sale, so you may not find the puppy that matches your preferences.

  • Link: – Vizsla Puppies for Sale
  • Risk Level: High
  • Search Options: Price, Location, Gender, Age

There are a large number of Vizsla puppies available for sale on this site. But it is a high-risk source of getting a puppy. makes it easy and convenient to get Vizsla puppies, but you are at risk of contacting backyard breeders or puppy mills listing their dogs for sale. They have a large number of Vizsla pups listed with some of their information such as price, gender, age, nickname, location, and availability.

They have a tag on the side of each listing to show whether the breeder’s identity has been verified, just to show buyers which breeders the site has screened and which they haven’t. Also, there will be a sold sign on the picture of the puppy if it has sold.

Breeders can place their adverts here free of charge, which means it’s easy for anyone to have access. Because of this, getting your Vizsla puppy from this site means risking getting an unhealthy, temperamental puppy.

If you can do thorough research before placing an order, you just might find a reputable breeder on this site.


  • Link: PuppyFind – Vizsla Puppies for Sale
  • Risk Level: High
  • Search Options: State, Lifestyle, Birthdate, Gender

PuppyFind is another high-risk site for dog procurement. There are a lot of breeders listing their puppies for sale with no real verification as to whether they are reputable breeders or not. If you must get your Vizsla from this site, then please do so only after you have done careful research.

You’ll find a lot of Vizsla puppies listed on this site for sale at varying prices. An obvious way to tell which breeders are either puppy mills or backyard breeders is their asking price.

You’ll find Vizsla puppies as low as $500, and that’s just too low for a high-quality Vizsla pup. So when you see a price like that, you should keep scrolling.

You will find each puppy’s information alongside their picture as described by the breeder. You’re shown its age, sex, price, name, and a lot of other details. You also get to see how long the breeder has been listing on the site and their ratings. So those will probably help you make better decisions.

Next Day Pets

  • Link: Next Day Pets – Vizsla Puppies for Sale
  • Risk Level: High
  • Search Options: Gender, Age, Location, Price

There are a lot of options to choose from on this site since so many Vizsla puppies are listed. Next Day Pets is an online classified where any breeder is at liberty to showcase their dogs for sale. That means anyone can get in. And if anyone can get in, it is considered a high-risk site.

There are going to be reputable breeders mixed with the others, but you can’t just easily pick them out. This means you have to be careful and also research whichever breeder you choose to contact before buying from them.

Each listing shows the information of the puppies: their gender, age, location, if they show potential, and if they are from champion bloodlines. Also, you can register your email for free to receive email alerts when additional puppies are added on the site.

Lancaster Puppies

  • Link: Lancaster Puppies – Vizsla Puppies for Sale
  • Risk Level: High
  • Search options: Posted, Price, Name, Birthdate, Size, Sex, Registration

Lancaster Puppies is an online classified that lists puppies for sale. They do not screen the breeders who seek to advertise their puppies, so it is easy to find backyard breeders and puppy mills here.

There is a chance you will find reputable breeders on this site, but it will be as a result of thorough research on your part.

The listings on Lancaster Puppies will show dogs that have been sold and those available to be purchased, price, gender, location, and whether they are AKC registered.

There are not a lot of Vizsla puppies displayed on the site, and a lot of them are sold. But they update their list frequently so you can keep checking for new updates.

Vizslas From Rescues or Shelters

Adoption is a great way to get a Vizsla dog. Although it is risky, you will be doing a whole lot of good. If you are considering adoption, you can check out the websites listed below.

  • Link: – Adopt a Vizsla
  • Risk Level: High
  • Search Options: Location, Age, Gender, Distance is one of the largest non-profit websites for pet adoption. They help animal shelters, pet adoption agencies, and pet rescue groups advertise their homeless pets for free. Their number one goal is to help homeless pets find loving and suitable homes.

Getting a Vizsla dog from this site or any adoption sites is risky because you don’t know for sure what you’re adopting till it gets to you. You might be at risk of taking in a mixed breed Vizsla because they don’t indicate if their dogs are mixed or pure breeds.

You’ll find the necessary information about the available dogs on display such as their age, gender, health status, adoption fee, temperament, etc. You’ll also be informed of the location of the dog and how you can start the adoption process.


  • Link: Petfinder – Vizsla for Adoption
  • Risk Level: High
  • Search Options: Breed, Age, Size, Gender, Compatibility, Coat Length, Color, Days on Petfinder

Petfinder is another website that lists Vizsla dogs that are available for adoption. They indicate whether the dogs are mixed or purebreds.

They have a whole lot of Vizsla dogs (both mixed and purebred Vizslas) available for adoption, and with their search options, you can filter to find the exact dog you want.

Information about each available dog is displayed, and upon choosing one, you can contact the shelter or rescue where the dog is being held. And if you cannot find a Vizsla specific to your taste, you can register your email to get alerts when they have a dog that matches your need.

Other Sources for Vizsla Puppies

  • Pet Stores: Getting a Vizsla dog from a pet store around you is fast compared to getting one online. You can just drive down, pick the one you like, pay for it and take it home. But with pet stores, your purchase is not always 100% secure. Some pet stores are okay, though. Just make sure to trace the dog of choice back to its breeder to verify the breeder’s reputation.
  • Local Classifieds: Local Classifieds are open to anyone who wants to list their dogs. This means everyone has access to it, thereby making it very risky. Backyard breeders usually advertise their dogs using classifieds so you might want to do some digging before purchasing your dog via this medium.
  • Community Bulletin Boards: You might find listings on your community bulletin boards for Vizsla puppies available for sale. While it is convenient to get your puppy around where you stay, it is a risk to do so following ads on bulletin boards.
  • Word of Mouth: This is probably one of the best methods of finding reputable Vizsla breeders. If you have never owned a Vizsla dog before, it will be beneficial to register as a member of a local Vizsla club. That way, you will meet and speak with other members who will refer you to Vizsla breeders they know and trust.

My Final Thoughts

Now that you have discovered some places you can get your Vizsla puppy, the next step is to make a choice on what puppy to choose from the hundreds you will find.

The fact is, every puppy is different. Not just in appearance but in temperament and personality. You have to decide what personality traits will work best for you and will make it easy for you to love your dog.

There are a lot of articles online that can help you decide how to choose a puppy from a litter. This is important because making the wrong choice might lead to giving your dog up for adoption or just cause you not to love it as much as possible.

Compatibility matters so make sure to select a puppy that you can live with. You should also try as much as you can to get your Vizsla pup from a reputable breeder.

I know they are more expensive, but the truth is buying from a professional breeder will save you thousands of dollars in veterinary bills for years to come.

Do not rush this process. Remember, you are bringing in a new member of your family, so you have to be as careful as possible to get it right. Good luck.

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