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14 Good Character Waffle Makers for Kids 2021 – Mommy High Five

Waffles are a favorite food at our house. Whether it’s for breakfast, dinner, or dessert, my kids can’t turn down a waffle. What makes them even more appealing is that Grandma always makes character waffles when the kids stay over.

For some reason, eating a Mickey shaped waffle is more fun that a regular square or round one. Who wouldn’t enjoy decorating a waffle face and then watching it change as you eat it?

We have found that these character waffle makers can be used for other food items as well. In addition to making waffles, they are also great for making grilled cheese sandwiches or hash browns.

Even my pickiest eater is willing to eat foods he wouldn’t normally try as long as they are shaped like his favorite characters. If he has a Mickey-shaped sandwich, he will even eat the “disgusting” soup he wouldn’t normally look at.

What To Look For In A Character Waffle Iron

  • Cute characters. Favorite characters make eating more fun. Sometimes a fun shape or character can coax children into eating something they normally wouldn’t try. There are so many fun waffle irons for kids that you can likely find one with a character your child loves.
  • Shape and size. Is there a shape or size you are looking for? Some of the units on this list make miniature waffles and others make much larger ones.
  • High quality materials. By choosing a product made of high quality materials, you are ensured the machine will last. Some of the options on this list are made of metal while others have a plastic interior. Generally, metal exteriors will be stronger and last longer. Some character waffle makers are made of cheap plastic and fall apart at the hinges.
  • Even cooking. You want a machine that heats up quickly and cooks quickly and evenly. This is easier to find on traditional waffle makers or even hotel-quality Belgian waffle makers.
  • Temperature control. If you like waffles extra soft or extra crunchy, a temperature control setting is very helpful in creating the perfect waffle. If a golden brown waffle is your favorite, a temperature control isn’t so important.
  • Indicator lights. These lights tell you when your waffle is done cooking. Look for a unit with a consistent indicator light or you will end up with underdone or burnt waffles.

14 Good Character Waffle Makers for Kids

ModelPros / ConsDouble Mickey Flip Waffle Maker Double Mickey FlipPros:Excellent quality6 waffles at onceAdjustable tempIndicator lightCon:More expensiveClassic Mickey Waffle Maker Classic MickeyPros:DurableGreat designEasy to cleanIndicator lightCon:More expensiveMarvel Avengers Waffle Maker Marvel-Avengers-Waffle-MakerPros:DurableFun themeBrowning dialIndicator lightsCon:More expensiveMinnie Mouse Waffle Maker Minnie-Mouse-Waffle-MakerPros:Cute themeIndicator lightIndents for syrupCon:Plastic exteriorMillennium Falcon Waffle Maker Millennium Falcon Waffle MakerPros:Star Wars themeStatement pieceEasy to cleanRemovable platesCon:No temp controlCaptain America Waffle Maker Captain-America-Waffle-MakerPros:DurableEasy to clean Indicator lightCon:Extra deep groovesMinions Waffle Maker Minions-Waffle-MakerPros:Cute wafflesEasy to cleanBrowning dialIndicator light Cons:Plastic exteriorLights can malfunctionMarvel Spiderman Waffle Maker Marvel Spiderman Waffle MakerPros:2 waffle sizesEasy to cleanIndicator lightCons:Shallow groovesPlastic constructionDarth Vader Waffle Maker Darth Vader Waffle MakerPros:5 temperature settingsIndicator lightGreat shapeCon:Not durableMickey Mini Waffle Maker Mickey-Mini-Waffle MakerPros:CuteInexpensiveEasy to cleanCons:Tiny wafflesPlastic constructionsOlaf Waffle Maker Olaf-Waffle-MakerPros:Fun waffle InexpensiveIndicator lightEasy to cleanCon:Plastic constructionCan leakNinja Turtles Waffle Maker Ninja Turtles Waffle MakerPros:2 waffles at onceInexpensiveEasy to cleanCons:Plastic constructionNo indicator lightNo temp controlStar Wars Mandalorian Waffle Maker Star Wars Mandalorian Waffle MakerPros:2 waffle sizesIndicator lightFun themeCon:More expensive

1. Double Mickey Mouse Flip Waffle Maker

Double Mickey Mouse Flip Waffle Maker

If your family loves vacationing at Disney Parks, this is the machine for you. It makes waffles just as good as any Orlando hotel! I love that this machine can cook 6 small Mickey waffles at once. My kids think it’s fun helping with this cooker since you fill one side, flip it over, and then fill the other side.

I am impressed with the quality of this machine. Although it is a little more expensive than many of the others on this list, you can be sure it will last. With an adjustable browning knob and ready indicator lights, you can be sure your waffle is cooked just the way you want it.

Quality non-stick plates make clean up easy, and the cute Mickey face with the Mickey pants on the opposite side is irresistible. At 1400 watts, this is one powerful and excellent machine!

2. Classic Mickey Waffle Maker

The classic Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker. It makes seven-inch waffles shaped like Mickey Mouse. Mickey’s ears are indented, and they hold syrup very well.

These Mickey Mouse waffles are the same as those we had in our hotel at Disney World; they are both delicious and fun.

This machine is heavy-duty and works very well. It is made of stainless steel with Teflon plates, which are easy to clean.

The cute Mickey-shaped indicator light changes colors to let you know when the waffles are done. This waffle maker is very reasonably priced and is sure to last. This waffle maker is a great choice for any Disney fan!

3. Marvel Avengers Waffle Maker

If you have an Avengers fan in your family, I like the Marvel Avengers Waffle Maker. The waffles come out with imprints of four Avengers icons: Hulk’s fist, Iron Man’s helmet, Captain America’s shield, and Thor’s hammer. What could be more exciting than that for breakfast?

Not only does this machine make great waffles, the nonstick plates are easy to wipe clean after you are finished. You can choose how light or dark you want your waffles simply by turning the browning dial. It’s also got indicator lights telling you when your waffles are done.

Many of the options on this list are made of plastic, but this Avengers waffle maker is made of aluminum and will outlast its plastic counterparts. A cord wrap makes it easy for storing the machine, too.

This machine lives up to its superhero name. It will not disappoint.

This Minnie Mouse waffle maker makes seven-inch waffles in a darling Minnie Mouse design. The indents from the waffle iron are a perfect reservoir for syrup.

The outside comes with a Minnie Mouse shaped light indicator that lights up when the waffles are done. The non-stick baking plates are not removable, but they easily wipe clean.

The lid of this machine seems a little wobbly, but it functions very well. Overall, this machine is more lightweight than most of the others on this list, but it still produces a great waffle.

5. Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker

Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker

The force will be with you if you use this Star Wars waffle maker. Not only does it make impressive looking waffles, the outside of this machine looks like the Millennium Falcon! You could leave it on your countertop all the time as a conversation of double-cast aluminum, this waffler is more durable than its plastic counterparts. It also has removable non-stick plates, which makes cleaning it so easy.

There is a red light indicating the machine is on as well as a green indicator light to show when the waffles are done. However, there is not a temperature control.

6. Captain America Waffle Maker

Here’s another great choice for the Avengers fan. Captain America’s shield happens to make a very tasty waffle. This Captain America waffle iron makes one 6 inch round waffle in 2-4 minutes, depending on how brown you like your waffles. It heats up well and has consistent heat throughout. The power and ready lights help you know just when your waffle is perfectly done.

The quality of the Captain America waffle maker is great. It is made of aluminum and comes with non-removable nonstick plates which are easily cleaned. The only drawback on this appliance is that the grooves are very deep, so you have to be sure to fill them with batter adequately or you will not get the perfectly shaped waffle you want.

7. Minions Waffle Maker

Minions Waffle Maker

Calling all minions! Your kiddos will love this Minion waffle maker, which makes waffles shaped like Dave the Minion. It also has dual indicator lights which show when the waffle is done. Unfortunately, the lights don’t always work correctly so you will have to watch your waffles so they don’t burn. This machine also has a browning dial so you can set just how soft or crispy you want your waffle.

The Minion Waffle Maker has nonstick plates which are very easy to clean. The top of this unit has a cute picture of Kevin the Minion. Plastic on the exterior means that this maker isn’t as durable and likely won’t last as long as others.

8. Marvel Spiderman Waffle Maker

Marvel Spiderman Waffle MakerIf you have a Spiderman fan in your family, this is the perfect waffle maker for kids. It has a fun design both outside and inside. And unlike most other options, you can choose whether you want to make 6″ or 7″ waffles. Make the smaller waffle of just the Spidey mask or cover the entire plate with batter to make a larger waffle.

This machine has nonstick plates which are easy to clean. It does have an indicator light, but it isn’t always completely accurate so you will want to keep a close eye on your waffles when they’re cooking.

The grooves on this unit aren’t as deep as they are on other models. The finished product would be more waffle-like if the grooves were deeper, but the waffles look cool so kids won’t care.

While the plates on the Marvel Spiderman Waffle Maker are good quality, the outside is plastic and isn’t as durable as the metal ones on this list. Still, for a Spidey fan, this is a great gift!

9. Darth Vader Waffle Maker

This Darth Vader Waffle Maker is perfect for the Star Wars lover. It makes a great Darth Vader shape. With five temperature settings, you can decide if you want your waffles golden or a little “on the dark side”!

Dual indicator lights tell you when the waffle maker is heated up as well as when the waffles are done. This waffle maker can be stored upright with the cord wrapped under the base.

Unlike some of the other waffle makers on the list, the Darth Vader Waffle Maker seems more flimsy and less high-quality.

10. Mickey Mini Waffle Maker

This machine makes a very cute waffle, and I mean one small waffle. The miniature Mickey Mouse waffle is about as big as an Eggo waffle. It’s probably not practical if you are cooking for a crowd, but if it’s just for a few people, this machine would be ok.

This machine is very inexpensive. It has easy to clean nonstick plates and nonskid rubber feet.

The exterior is made of plastic, so this unit won’t be as durable as some of its metal counterparts. However, it is a cute unit that is fun to use and the waffles it makes are fun to eat!

11. Olaf Waffle Maker

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