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Installation Instructions – Outex Underwater Housing System

Proper Installation is a Critical Component of Your Experience!

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Critical Components of Installation: 1. Cover lip is evenly distributed around the base of the inner flange of the Outex glass rings – around the base of the circumference. 2. Apply the L-shaped middle O-ring facing the right direction. The O-Ring acts as the “female” match to the Cover lip’s “male”. So the O-Ring opening faces downward towards the cover, creating the seal. 3. When threading/tightening the seal with the outer ring, create the pressure on the Outex parts, not the camera or lens. For example, on the front glass, one hand should hold the inner (inside the cover portion attached to the lens) portion of the flange, and the other hand should be holding the outer ring that threads onto it. This way you are applying pressure onto the seal, and not to the lens itself. The same applies on all/any of the Outex seals. 4. Always conduct the water test in a sink, tub, bucket, pool, or similar calm body of water if you’re submerging the camera for use. This will confirm that your installation is correct. If you see continuous escaping air bubbles, repeat the sealing around the affected area (steps 1-3).

Waterproof Seal Test

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Watch a Professional Underwater Photographer and Outex Ambassador discuss tips and tricks of installation here.


Clamp Installation example

Adaptor Installation example

Large Dome (180mm) installation order

1. Insert the external nut first thru the lens to prepare for the 2nd/final seal.

2. Secure dome to lens using the adaptor (threads) or clamp. Just enough to secure it. No need to over-tighten it.

3. Remove internal washes & nut.

4. Pull cover over the dome internal metal rim, using the rim as guide for the cover’s “built-in” or ring. Ensure the cover lip is evenly distributed around the metal rim.

5. Apply washer’s “female” side against the cover’s “male” o-ring.

6. Hand thread on internal nut to compress washer and create internal waterproof seal. Use one hand to hold the internal dome metal ring, as the other hand applies pressure on the nut. In other words, apply pressure to the seal – not the lens’ filter thread. Just like an Outex flat port front glass.

7. Insert rubber o-ring into the dome’s grove to create the 2nd/final seal.

8. Place/set it all into the dome itself.

9. Bring the external nut from step 1 towards it to thread on the final/2nd seal. Hand thread it first until it’s nice and tight.

10. Use metal wrenches to apply addition pressure onto the seal. Ensure that you maintain the wrenches at 90 degrees from the ridges to avoid stripping them. In other words, do not torque or twist them.

Outex Dome 180mm installation picture

Tethering/Cable Installation

As you can see from our thousands of customers on every continent, military users, online community, etc, Outex is designed to protect your gear in any environmental condition and underwater (down to 10 meters/33feet) using a mirrorless underwater housing system. Always follow the installation instructions from the videos, especially as it relates to the seals. Contact us if you have questions or need help. When used underwater (including in & out of the water) for extended periods of time (2+ hours), please monitor/check frequently to ensure the seals are firm/secure and re-tighten the seals as needed. Extended manipulation of the camera inside the housing/cover sometimes loosens the seal and can lead to leaks over time. By re-tightening and checking over time you’re reducing the chances of an accidental breach.

Critical Components of Installation:

Using the Camera and Lens Through the Waterproof Housing System

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