Westland Survival Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy For Beginners


Westland Survival is a brand new survival game for Android and iOS by Hello Ltd. Check out our Westland Survival guide, tips, cheats & strategy to master the game

Westland Survival is a brand new MMORPG for mobile devices. In the game, you explore different-different locations for multiple resources such as iron ore, wood, stone, and much more. If you have ever played Last Day On Earth: Survival game, then you can easily understand its mechanics. If not, then we are here to guide you. In this post, we have covered everything about this game: Westland Survival guide and Westland Survival tips, cheats & strategy to survive for a long time.

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Westland Survival Tips and Cheats

#1.) Check out the storage first

When you start the game, as a newbie reward, you get some precious items that can be used at the right time. At the bottom of the screen, tap the coins bag icon. On the next screen, at the bottom-left, you will see a storage option. Tap it and take the items. Visit this section often to claim precious rewards.

#2.) Equip the defensive items

Once you reach level 10 in the Westland Survival game, you will be able to learn & craft items such as

  • Cowboy Hat – Fiber, Piece Of Cloth
  • Shirt – Rope, Fiber, Piece of Cloth
  • Pants – Fiber, Piece Of Cloth, Rope
  • Boots – Skin, Fiber, Piece Of Cloth

However, you can get these items from the chests(prior to reaching the level 10). These items work like an armor. Another reason for crafting these items is when you visit the dangerous location and the defense level is 0, then enemies can easily strike down you.

#3.) Clear the home base

When you start the game, you will find yourself in a strange place. Look around for the broken cart and tap the hand icon. You will find a knife in the inventory. Now, use this knife to slay down the enemies on your home base. Once killed, go close to it and tap the hand icon to look inside its inventory. Take all the items.

After it, gather the wood and stone to craft & learn AXE, Pick. Use these items to cut trees and break the rocks.

#4.) Build the house First

Once you gather enough wood, it’s time to build a house. Tap the house icon(just below the mini-map). After it, select the floor first and then the wall, door etc. Inside this house, you can store storage boxes, workbench, and many more items(depends on the house’s size). It would be better if you build a small house in the beginning.

#5.) Gather the resources

After clearing the home base(all the trees, rocks), it’s time to visit another location and gather resources. Go to the global map and select a location. When you tap the location, you can check the number of resources; loot, wood, metal or rocks. Visit a perfect location as per your need. For instance, if you need wood, then visit a place where you can get wood.

#6.) Stealing and protecting is the challenge

As you know, it’s an MMORPG, other players can loot your base. Similarly, when you head to the global map, you will find other players’ base too. Visit there to steal their resources. That’s why you should build a house. And it would be better if you upgrade the walls of the house.

#7.) Upgrade the house

One of the best ways to protect the resources from the enemies is upgrading the house. Go to building mode(tap the house icon) -> then select the wall and tap the upgrade icon. Gather resources and upgrade the house.

#8.) Check out the character’s status

At the bottom of the screen, tap the bag icon. On the next screen, you can check the status; food, water(out of 100). If it’s poor, then you should eat food or drink water. You can also check the health status.

#9.) Tips To Get Food

Maintaining the food status in the Westland Survival game is not an easy task. Your character gets hungry quickly when you walk or explore the areas. There are a number of ways to obtain food in Westland Survival game: –

  • Kill the creatures and get meat
  • Get the berries – from cactus
  • Build the garden bed and drag & drop wood(as a fuel) + seeds(you can check the recipe list there).

#10.) Tips to get the water in Westland Survival

Thirst is another reason behind short-term survival. After a certain amount of time, your character will alert you; I’m thirsty. Well, water can be obtained easily. For the first time, you get for free. Go to the storage(tap the shop icon -> storage). Take the jar. Go to the inventory -> tap the jar and then hit the use button. Don’t throw it after using. You can refill it.

  • Reach the level 8
  • Build the well
  • Place the empty jar in the well
  • Wait for few minutes
  • Get the jar with water

#11.) Manage the inventory slots

Since inventory slots are limited, the player can not pick an unlimited number of items. It would be better if you craft the shoulder bag to increase the number of inventory slots.

Before leaving the home base, make sure to pick only essential items. Shift rest items to the storage boxes or broken cart. It would be waste if you visit the location with full inventory slots. Because due to full inventory, you can not pick the loot or gather resources.

  • AXE or Pick to gather wood or stone or metal
  • Weapon to slay down the enemies
  • Water

#12.) Combat Tips

In this survival journey, you will visit dozens of locations daily and in these locations, protecting yourself against the enemies is a difficult challenge. Here are some combat tips: –

  • Sneak – Switch to the prone position when moving or exploring
  • Craft a weapon; wooden club, wooden spear, bow, knife, and more
  • Equip armor; hat, pants, shirt
  • When you feel the situation is getting worse, head to the global map and save yourself

#13.) Save energy for events

When you open the global map, the game will notify about the events such as train robbery, accidents, and more. Visiting these event locations should be your first choice instead of wasting energy.

You can either walk or run. Running helps you to reach the place fast. Walking takes time. But since event comes for a limited time period, you should save energy. You can grab a bunch of precious items such as nails, gun, skins, and more from these event locations.

#14.) Build the stables

Did you notice a horse at your home base? You can ride on it and visit the locations fast. But to use the horse, you have to build the stables first. Reach the level 8 as soon as possible and the horse will help you to reach the long locations easily.

#15.) Find the dead body

Westland SurvivalIf you get died, you will lose all the items stored in the inventory. The only way to get the items back is finding the dead body. Go to the location where you died and find the dead body. If not there, then forget it and start gathering again. In my case, it was in the same place.

#16.) Check the buffalo icons and predict the danger level

On the global map, when you tap a location, you get details about it; loot, wood, ore, metal, and more. Along with these details, there would be buffalo icons. The number of icons determines the danger level. Try to avoid these locations in the beginning until you get a good weapon.

#17.) Claim the freebies

Go to the shop tab(tap the coins bag icon) and head to the best tab. There would be a free deal; watch the video ad and grab the free item. To claim it, go to the storage section.

So, these are some Westland Survival cheats, tips & tricks for the beginners. For those who are struggling and not understanding the game, here’s the Westland Survival guide and basics.

Westland Survival Guide For Beginners – Walkthrough

The Basics -> In Westland Survival game, there is one objective; survive! You have to get rid of annoying situations; hungry, thirsty by eating food and water. Along with maintaining the food & water, you will have to build the house also.

Because the location where you are living is not heaven, it’s the place of bad enemies and your objective is to protect yourself from these enemies.

All you need to do is build the house first and store items there. Gather the resources and build it. Keep in mind that other players can loot your resources by visiting your home. The only way to protect the resources from enemies is by building the strong house; upgrade the walls, floors, doors.

Build the safe and store items inside it. Craft and build all the tools to make the life easier. Ride on the horse and explore the world. That’s enough for the Westland Survival basics.

  • Crafting Guide

You can craft hundreds of items in the Westland Survival game. Just gather the resources. Tap the crafting icon and on the next screen, tap the item you want to craft. For the first time, you have to learn it. It costs you learning points. Level up and you will earn learning points.

Long press on an item to get more details about it. Some items can be acquired from the events and trading only. Upon every activity such as cutting trees, breaking the rocks, killing the enemies, and more, you earn EXP(Required to level-up). Level up to access to more items.

So, this is the basic Westland Survival guide for the beginners.

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