What colors make you look skinny

what colors make you look skinny

In this article, we are going to explore what colors make you look skinny. Aside from the famous black option, we are also going to uncover more hues that have real slenderizing benefits.

Color can affect people, not just psychologically, but also physically. When you want to look slimmer and thinner, wear the colors that are flattering for your figure or body shape.

Do you often ask yourself what colors can specifically make you appear slim? Or maybe, you feel like you are gaining weight and you don’t want to make it obvious?

Don’t worry because we have some tips on how to find flattering colors for your body type.

Read on…

Fundamentals of Color

In general, lighter colors draw more attention than darker colors. This is why, if you want to emphasize an asset on your body, wearing lighter colors is the answer.

For your body type, if you aren’t that skinny, wearing darker clothing like black, navy, charcoal grey, and chocolate brown function as receding colors.

In the color wheel, colors red, orange, yellow, green, and tertiary colors yellow-orange, red-violet, and yellow-green are considered light colors. The rest are either neutral colors or darker hues.

Color Wheel Diagram

Color Psychology

Most people wear colors that they find pleasing to look at. But colors indicate different things when it comes to color psychology. Wearing colors that are flattering for you means you are conscious of how you appear.

This is why you want to look skinny in the first place.

The Psychology of Color

Black, neutral grey, and navy blue represent power, authority, mystery, and composure. These colors can make any outfit look sophisticated and elegant.

In addition, these colors blend with the crowd, hence, if you are avoiding standing out, choosing neutral and darker colors is best.

Dressing Monochromatically

To dress monochromatically is to wear an outfit in one color—be it a dress, blouse paired with pants, skirts, or layering in one color. This trick is one simple way to look slimmer without intense effort.

In Hollywood, most stars dress monochromatically to enhance their figures, hide large legs or simply to look taller. After all, people always notice colors in an outfit.

Even if someone doesn’t know anything about fashion, wearing a nice, flattering color can make you look better.

Hence, if you want to look great and hide that belly fat, it is important to choose the right, single color.

Colors That Make You Look Skinny

Colors add illusion, that’s why it helps to know what specific shades to wear to look thinner. As mentioned, darker colors do not draw attention, that’s why these colors work.

However, if you are wearing two colors, different hues for tops and pants, you want to avoid having colors switch at the waist or tummy.

Tucking a white blouse into dark pants can emphasize the middle part, your tummy, so this isn’t recommended. Better to use less contrasting colors or ultimately wear the same color.

Moreover, you can always place color strategically; meaning, you can hide a larger middle by changing color below the bust or hips.

There is also a study that the color blue has real weight-loss benefits.

In fact, blue tablecloths, napkins, or plates tend to make a person consume fewer calories. The researchers believe that the color blue is not an appetite-stimulating color, unlike red and yellow which can lead to eating more.

Overall, if your goal is to hide certain parts of your body, including your belly or a larger chest, stay away from bright pants or blouse.

Colors to Avoid

Now that you know what colors make you look skinny, we’ll now go to colors you need to avoid.

For beginners, let’s start with the color khaki or nude.

This color is a big no-no because it adds to the illusion of skin. Khaki will only add extra pounds to your body, instead of hiding them.

Try to avoid wearing nude dresses or pants.

Another color you should avoid is white, especially for blouses.

This color only accentuates your arms, chest, and upper body. If you wish to camouflage, wear darker colors instead. This also applies to the accessories you plan to wear.

Color guides:

  • Keep color proportion unequal. Outfits that are half one color and half another often lack dominance.
  • Accent colors should be limited. Too many colors in one outfit is a disaster if your goal is to look skinny.

To Sum Up

Colors affect how a person looks and feels. If you are going for a sexy look, and trying to hide extra pounds on your belly, arms, hips, or legs, then choosing darker colors can help draw less attention.

It is also important to consider wearing just enough color per outfit. Two or more colors make you stand out and you want to avoid this.

I hope you found this article useful on what colors make you look skinny.


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