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Fun Test: What Do You See First? What You Choose Says A Lot About Your Current Situation

Personality tests can be a very interesting thing to take part in.

There are many different types of personality test and though many are concise and thorough, like the Myers-Briggs personality test, a trade mark of a good personality test, is that it’s not only informative, but fun!

One of our personal favorite types of personality tests, are optical illusions.

An optical illusion is an illusion that is caused when the wires in your brain gets crossed.

Our brains process millions of bits of information a second from what your eyes see, to interpret what you are seeing.

And not all of that information gets processed correctly.

Sometimes, when there’s a lot of data to process our brains will make the quick decisions to prioritize the things we think are most important, and only show those things to us.

It’s similar to when athletes say they “get in the zone” and the only thing that exist is their current objective.

Everything else fades away and all that is left is what we deem most important.

A good optical illusion takes advantage of this process of your brain, and flips things around to reveal things about yourself that can only be discovered through the split second decisions your brain makes, when first looking at an image.

Each image below is created to target a different part of your personality. This will help shed light on many different aspects of your psyche, and give you a better understanding of yourself.

Optical Illusion #1

Take a look at the image above…

Which did you see first?

A crocodile or a boat?

If you saw a crocodile..

That means you’re most likely someone who tends to look at the bigger picture of things.

You may take the little things for granted, like walking through nature, as you don’t see the overall importance, when there are bigger things you can focus on.

You are probably a very practical person and don’t take much risks.

You live more on the cautious side of things and don’t make much room for new experiences or things

If you saw the boat..

It means you’ve got a good eye for small details, and not much gets past you without noticing it.

You are often described as a unique, quirky and creative individual.

But don’t get too caught up on focusing on the little details and forget about the big picture. This is especially important if you are an artist or a student.

You can get wrapped up in one small part of a project and forget to complete the entire assignment as a whole.

Optical Illusion #2

What did you see first?

If you saw the pillars first..

It could point to the possibility that you prefer comfort and security over most things.

Accomplishing your big goals in life will not be possible unless you learn to break out of your comfort zone.

It’s also a sign that you focus on dreaming about your goals too much and not enough time actually working on them.

If you saw the people first..

It means that you are a free spirit whose ready to leave your current surroundings at the drop of a hat.

Life hardly ever seems dull to you.

In fact it’s full of incredible people and adventures!

You are a curious and kind soul, but don’t wander for too long.

Be ready when the right time comes to settle down.

Optical Illusion #3

Take a look at the image above. What did you see first?

If you saw the old man…

It means that you’re more of a sensitive, gentler soul who is very empathetic of others.

Because you saw the old man first, it also points to the possibility that you use your right brain more than you do your left.

It’s more of the creative, artistic hemisphere of your brain. Indicating you’re more of artsy individual.

If you saw the woman…

You are most likely more of an analytical and thoughtful, calculated person compared to those who saw the old man first.

You use the left side of your brain more than you do the right.

Your analytical and thoughtful mind will serve you well in life.

But you can come across as cold hearted at times, when you’re just trying to be practical.

Don’t try to hide the side of you that wants to believe in the good in people.

Even if you analytics tell you different.

Don’t let it shut you off from others.

Optical Illusion #4

Take a look at the image above. What stood out to you first?

If you saw the car…

It most likely means that freedom is very important to you.

Traveling is dear to your heart.

The ability to hit the road and go on an adventure is something you highly prioritize.

You take life at your own pace, and do what comes naturally.

If you saw the man with the binoculars…

It alludes to the idea that you’re a more analytical person.

You tend to focus on the big picture and disregard minor details.

You are a visual learner and pick up lessons quickly.

But you may want to make an effort to pay a bit more attention to the details, as important things can be lost there.

If you saw the letter “A”…

This is arguably the most difficult thing to see first in this image.

If the letter “A” is the first thing you saw, it means you have an eagle eye unmatched by anyone.

You tend to be more detailed oriented than most, and are highly intuitive.

You usually are able to pick up on subtle hints or nuances that might go unnoticed by many others.

Optical Illusion #5

What did you see first? The Skull or The Woman?

If you saw the skull first…

This may be a sign that you have a hard time making decisions and choosing a path forward.

There may be many obstacles ahead for you and they may test your character.

But remember that you’ll be stronger for coming out of it.

So don’t remain still, choose a path and move forward.

If you saw the woman first…

It points to the idea that you may feel like you have to be on the defensive a lot.

The woman in the photo is hunching over on the ground, with her hand on her head, covering herself in her lap.

She’s in a very defensive position, and could allude to the thought that you may be doing the same in your life too.

You may feel physically or emotionally drained right now.

The woman represents your inner regret, and could shed some light on regrets in your own life.

Whether it be doing something you regret, or not doing something you regret.

It’s important to take a good look at yourself and figure out what that is.

Optical Illusion #6

What did you see first in the images above?

If you saw the faces first…

It means you a very people oriented.

Or you have people on your mind a lot of the time.

You tend to be more of an extroverted person who gets their energy from social interactions.

You’re a socialite who likes to be the life of the party.

Just make sure to surround yourself with the right people, who are supportive and positive.

If you saw the candle sticks first..

You are more of an Introvert.

People aren’t on your mind as much as those who saw the faces in the image first.

You tend to be more caught up in your own thoughts.

You like being at home more than you like going out and being surround it by a lot of people.

You enjoy being alone, or with a few close friends.

Optical Illusion #7

Looking at the image above, which did you see first?

If you are a woman and saw the man’s face first…

It may mean that you are looking for a romantic partner right now, or you have a high sex drive.

If you are already in a relationship, it could mean that you are already deeply connected to that person.

They are often at the front of your mind and things are going really well.

If you are a man and saw the man’s face first…

It means you may be concerned with your interpersonal relationships with other men.

This could mean your co-workers, guys at the gym, or close friends.

You may be worried a little too much of what they think of you.

If you are a woman and saw the woman’s face first…

It means you are very comfortable in your own skin. This strong confidence in yourself will serve you well in the future.

If you are a man and saw the woman’s face first…

This may indicate that you are looking for a partner to share your life with.

Maybe even a little too much.

Give yourself time to let things happen naturally.

Which images did you choose first?

Did any reveal something about yourself you weren’t aware of?

Leave a comment on our facebook post, and share this personality test with your friends.

So you can compare your results!

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