1. ken Lipkin says

    Funny, I did not get fog light on my 2020 Silverado LT with All Star Package. Was this item deleted from when this video was made?

  2. Knackered Irishman says

    Mine is 2018 LT AS, and its basically an Z71 without the crappy Rancho shocks they up-charge for, and the skid plates, which I bought form GM parts for $250.00 (commercial sales guy gave me his price), as well as the brushed sill plates (WGAF about those). It also came with all terrains and the 17" wheels which roll a lot better in rough/dirt (i.e my ranch). 18-20" wheels and lower profile tires are fucking retarded for off road use. Save yourself money and buy an all star LT and purchase whatever you want for it at a fraction of dealer prices.

  3. Brandon Draher says

    Fun drinking game. Take a shot every time he says “Let’s move onto the next item.”

  4. antonio Tort says

    Very interesting video! I have a question…I want to buy a Silverado 2014 5.3ltrs. 4×4,which axle ratio is better on roads to up and down hills and trailering two horse trailer??? 3.08 or 3.42 thanks!!

  5. David Martin says

    He left out the best option. My 2018 has the rear auto locking diff. That is part of the package.

  6. CorvetteSpeed1130 says

    OMG, if you can't fall sleep at night watch this guy do a video. He is so monotone.

  7. dwilson dev says

    I had no idea that I had the power outlet in my truck! I bought a power inverter since I didn’t have one. Here I am 6 months into owning it and I learned something new.

  8. MN Patriot says

    No Z/71 in this package?

  9. MrFloppypancakes says

    Yawn… i thought maybe i had something special.

  10. Donal Arana says

    Does this LT silverado 1500 has lock diferencial transmisión?

  11. Jim Rr says

    A lot of content, value in that package.

  12. Chris Santiago says

    Great job!

  13. xavier29100 says

    thank you! now i know what they meant when they told me my truck was the all star edition

  14. Nel P says

    Thank you very informative!

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