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The truth is, technology has a shelf life. Model units do come and go. The key is to stay updated with new models available in the market. A major dilemma involves dealing with the old unit. What will you do with the old model other than throwing it away? Aside from mobile phones, printers are one of the technologies that require upgrade. What would you do with the good old printer? Probably to sell printer or throw it away are top things that would cross your mind. The best option is to make decent money out of it. There are 6 places that would turn your printer into cash. Before revealing them, there are tips to keep in mind.

Tips before selling your printer

Before taking off, make sure to prepare everything starting from the box, the actual printer to the accessories that goes with it. Check if the printer is working. Nobody would want to take the machine if it’s broken or has missing parts. You can also get an optimum price if the basics are complete like power cord and ink cartridges. Try to print a page to see if it’s working properly. In case you plan to ship the machine, you need to find out its weight. The original box or Google can provide this information. Skip this step if you plan to use Printers Jack as they would provide the weight and would give free shipping label if you opt for their services.

Where Can I Sell My Printer?

There are two options where you can sell printer – online and local. There are pros and cons when choosing between the two. The main differences of these two would lie on the time frame and how much you would get from your old printer. The best option is going online especially if you are not in a hurry. This is better because you would be getting more money compared to exchanging it locally.

1. Printers Jack – (

Time Frame – 2 days after Printers Jack gets the printer Pros – Fast service, free shipping, high appraisal for printer, take used or damaged printer Cons – Pick up printer service is only within Manhattan

Printers Jack is the best company for people who want to sell printer. They offer the top price whether it’s new, used or damaged. The service is user friendly and have several benefits compared to other websites that offer same service. Printers Jack offers free shipping labels and you can get paid within two days from the arrival of your printer in their office. For those living in Manhattan, get paid the same day. Printers Jack has a referral system where you can get paid for inviting people to acquire their services. Printers Jack has three-step system- Get an estimate, ship your printer, and get paid!

2. Classified Ads – Craigslist or BackPage

Time Frame – 1 to 2 Weeks Pros – None Cons – Dealing with strangers could be dangerous

Craigslist and Backpage are similar websites that provides a platform where you can post whatever you want to buy or sell. The posted ad will be seen by the people within your local area. You have the option to list your used printer on their electronics or computer section. All you need is a description and photo then you can post the ad. Note that when you list something on Craigslist, it will take a while to get responses. There is waiting time and uncertainty. A major downside is dealing with strangers. Sometimes you can encounter fraudulent buyer. Also, prices for these websites are competitive and you need to post a lower price to get the deal.


3. Online Auctions – eBay or Bonanza

Time Frame – 2 to 3 weeks Pros – Get notifications for sold items Cons – Hard to get the printer’s worth because lowest bid would get the item at their bid price

Selling your printer in an auction is as simple as set and forget. After creating an account, you need to put the listing like the one in classified ad. The difference is that there is no need to spend time monitoring your email to get a sale. Once your printer is up on auction, all you have to do is wait for people to bid on it. Just like classified ads, there’s no sure answer that anyone will bid on your printer or will even buy it.


4. Social Media

Time Frame – Around a month Pros – Safer than Craigslist because of profile identification Cons – Give certain percentage to the person who helped you

Believe it or not, you can sell things on social media websites like Facebook or Google+. With this option, you will still have to deal with the hassle of waiting for someone to answer your ad but this is safer compared to Craigslist. The top three social media sites where you can sell things are Facebook, Snapchat, and Kik.

For Facebook, you’re going to have to search for “Buy and Sell” groups near you. You can find some that are out of your state which means that you will have to spend more money shipping the printer. After joining the group, you can post your printer ad or ask the community to sell it for you.

For Snapchat, it will works like a viral video. Start by adding people who are selling things in your local and send them a snap of your printer. They will snap your video and show them to all of their followers in the hope that someone would like to buy it. The same thing applies with Kik but instead of video, it uses a Kik number that gets around until they find a seller and you work out a deal from there.


5. Trade In Programs

Time Frame – Around 1 Week Pros – They offer free shipping. Cons – They only take new printers and you can only get gift cards

Sites like BestBuy and Amazon Instant Sales give you the option to trade in electronics for gift cards. You have to make sure that your printer is eligible to be traded in. Nationwide companies like these only take products that are still in circulation and in nearly perfect condition. So if your printer is out of date or looks raggedy they won’t take it. You will send it to their warehouse and the will send you an electronic gift card to your email.

6. Pawn Shops

Time Frame – 1 Day Pros – Sell the printer and get money the same day Cons – Most pawn shops will not accept printers and oftentimes they pay the least amount.

Nobody thinks of local pawn shop when looking for ways to sell printer. All you have to do ‘Google’ pawn shops to get a list of the ones near you. The tricky part is finding one that accepts printer. Pawn shops only keeps trending things in stock or items that people specifically ask. The way pawn shops work includes appraising of the product and then lowering the price further. The reason for this is that they would wait for it to sell. This option is only for people who are in a hurry and want to do it in a day.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are other places you can sell printer. Of course, doing it online offers the quickest way to earn money. Printers Jack is well-known if you’re trying to get rid of your printer as it offers free shipping and provide quotes for you. This is advantageous compared to setting your own price and waiting for months for someone to buy it.


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