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The White Schnauzer: When White Miniature Schnauzers Ain’t White! | Miniature Schnauzer Australia


The White Schnauzer: When White Miniature Schnauzers Ain’t White!

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While the White Schnauzer is officially recognized in its native Germany, White Miniature Schnauzers are accepted – but not considered desirable -under the Breed Standards of many other countries. Crazy but true!

However, that doesn’t prevent White Schnauzers from being very much desired by breed enthusiasts.

So… What is a White Miniature Schnauzer?

When it comes to the Miniature Schnauzer white ain’t white! That’s because there are several – genetically different – types of apparently White Mini Schnauzer.

Let’s take a look at them!

Pure White Schnauzers

The only pure White Schnauzers are genetically a “no color” dog having pink skin, pink nose and no other coat coloring whatsoever. Genetically they have their color genes “turned off”.

True White Mini Schnauzer

White Miniature Schnauzer

Like the pure White, “true” White Miniature Schnauzers are born white. But here the resemblance ends, as they are never really pure white, but will also show cream and beige.

True White Mini Schnauzer puppy, by Dushaun, Flickr. Click photo to see source.In this color schnauzer, white is masking over the real genetic color of the dog.

If they are genetically banded like the pepper and salt then cream or beige banding variations will be apparent in the white coat.

When non-banded colors are masked by white, however, the only thing that is apparent is their base color i.e. whether they are brown (liver) – in which case their color is often described as “White Chocolate” – or the black based “True White”.

The only way then to tell what the masked color of their coat is genetically is to breed them and see what colors turn up in their offspring. If they are bred to dogs that don’t carry the masking gene then the will throw true to their underlying genetic color that the white masking is disguising.

Fading to White Miniature Schnauzers

Platinum miniature schnauzer pup These “False White” dogs appear white at maturity but are born a light tan color that fades as they age.

This pup “Piper” faded to Platinum as she matured. Photo kindly donated by Indy Jones, Utah, Schnauzer Lovers ForumThey are simply one color dogs that have strong expression of the fading gene.

Platinum or False White Miniature Schnauzer bitch

If they are black based they will fade to “Platinum”, and if brown based they fade to “Wheaten”.

The same Platinum or False White Miniature Schnauzer bitch – as the pup next to the can – at maturity. Photo kindly donated by Indy Jones, Utah, Schnauzer Lovers Forum

Though they may have pinkish nose and pads (if their toes are white), its not the true pink of the Pure White.

Unlike the other types of White, this one is dominant genetically.

Parti colored White Mini Schnauzers

White liver parti schnauzer Parti colored Schnauzers can inherit all the same genes for fading that any other Schnauzer can.

False white liver parti bitchSo we can end up with white looking adult dogs that are actually technically Parti due to the characteristic patches of pigmented skin over pink skin.


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