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Have you already decided that a French bulldog is a dog of your dreams? Well, before you make a final decision to buy this dog, you need to discover why are Frenchies so expensive. Many people get thrilled by finding a puppy at a low price. However, it’s actually the moment when their problems are going to start!

why are frenchies so expensive

Why should you never buy a Frenchie that is low in price?

We can’t deny that these little pooches are one of the most iconic-looking breeds in the world. Even though they possess friendly personalities, they are also small in size and fit apartment living conditions. However, due to different crossbreeding they’ve passed through history, they became prone to suffer from many health issues. Therefore, future Frenchie owners need to pay special attention when buying this breed. Choosing the right breeder isn’t easy, but there are things you should ask the breeder before you bring his/her puppy home.

why are frenchies so expensive

  • How many puppies are in the litter?

French bulldogs are not like other breeds. Their females need to go through a C-section to deliver puppies because of their small hips and big puppies’ heads. Since these pooches are also small in size, a dam should deliver one to three puppies per birth. In that way, you can be sure that the puppies had enough space to grow in their mom’s womb properly.

  • Ask for the proof of the puppies parents history

One of the most important things when buying a puppy is to ask for proof of the puppy’s parent history. You can also ask the breeder to see the parents. Note that Frenchies’ health is much affected by their genes. Therefore, this is one of the most important questions to ask.

  • How have they socialized the puppies?

Interaction with other dogs and people is extremely important if you want to own an obedient and well-behaved dog in the future.

  • What vaccines the Frenchie puppy had?

You should get a document signed by a vet as proof of what vaccines the Frenchie puppy had. The puppy should also be dewormed because it can cause issues in the future (slow growth).

  • Ask what diet to choose for your Frenchie

Some breeders prefer a dry kibble diet while others insist on the BARF diet for French bulldogs. Therefore, when you bring your little gremlin home, it’s advisable to continue feeding the puppy the same food for the first few days. In that way you’ll minimize the risk of gastrointestinal disturbances.

why are frenchies so expensive

The reasons why are Frenchies so expensive

Here we come to the task where I will explain the reasons why are HEALTHY French bulldog puppies high in price. You can indeed find a Frenchie for several thousand dollars. Unfortunately, it may cost you a fortune in the future! Therefore, watch out of so-called breeders!

  • Frenchies go through artificial insemination

French bulldogs can’t mate traditionally. It’s because they have short legs and narrow hips. As you can conclude, this presents an extra cost for a breeder.

  • Pregnant Frenchie moms require a special nutrition

A breeder who takes care of a pregnant Frenchie female needs to feed her with a high protein diet to induce lactation.

  • Pregnant Frenchies need to go to regular vet checks

Ultrasound presents one of the most important health checks of a pregnant Frenchie. In that way, the breeder will find our how many puppies the dam carries and whether they have enough space to grow.

  • C-section is a must

Since French bulldog females have small birth canals, they are unable to give birth naturally. The C-section is performed to remove puppies from the uterus. This is an emergency procedure when there is a difficulty with natural birth. Since Frenchie puppies have bigger heads from a mom’s birth canal, and females can have narrow hips, this procedure is over essential.

  • Post-pregnancy care

Post-pregnancy care isn’t an easy task for a breeder. Since a Frenchie mom will bleed 3-7 days and will go through a painful period of wound healing, the breeder takes the role of puppies’ mom. He/she needs to feed them, make sure they are cleaned from worms, and to give them the vaccines.

Are you still curious to find out why are Frenchies so expensive? In case you are searching to find a French bulldog puppy for sale, I advise you to make a deep research before you make a final decision.

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