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10 Best Wine Coolers in Singapore | Best of Home 2021

10 Best Wine Coolers in Singapore

1. Kadeka KS194TL/TR Wine Chiller

Kadeka KS194TL TR Wine Chiller

The ideal wine chiller for every wine connoisseur

A trusted name in premium cooling appliances since 1998, Kadeka offers an extensive variety of intelligently and beautifully designed wine fridges, ranging from the signature series, steel series, to its innovative medley series. If you own a restaurant, a bar, or if you simply love hosting parties, be sure to check out the Kadeka KS194TL/TR Wine Chiller.

This wine chiller fridge is a top-of-the-line appliance that will surely impress your guests or customers as it has enough space for 194 bottles that comes with 13 telescopic racks and bottle stabilisers. When it comes to reliability, Kadeka’s KS194TL/TR Wine Chiller Refrigerator from the Signature Inverter Series is ideal for every wine connoisseur as it is specially designed to age your wine in optimal conditions.

Showcase your wine collection with elegance

This free-standing, wine cooler fridge is designed with a sleek and minimalist look added with features such as interior LED lighting and a rimless glass door to showcase your wine collection beautifully. Moreover, it adds a modern vibe and elegance to any space.

Enhancing your wine’s aroma and taste

Exposing wine to low temperatures at an excessive amount of time could damage the taste, hence, the right temperature is crucial. Thus, this wine chiller is a must-have as it is the best tool capable of enhancing the aroma and taste of the best wines you have. After all, you spent so much on your bottles, so be sure to age it well and properly!

With its consistent cooling single temperature zone, it has a cooling capacity of 5-22 degree celsius great for the magnification of your red wine’s quality. You can also put your mind at ease since this fridge has a charcoal filter, UV protection, temperature memory, and a built-in fan and lock that will ensure that your wine bottles are in good hands.

Energy-saving wine fridge

Equipped with a built-in inverter compressor, this helps with alleviating the noise levels while it runs at a slow speed and saves energy. It has a 220-240V or 190W-power making it more energy-efficient compared to other wine coolers in Singapore.

Kadeka KB40WBC Medley Wine Chiller

Should you prefer a more compact model, be sure to check out the Kadeka KB40WBC Medley Wine Chiller which holds up to 25 bottles of wine. As this is part of the Medley series, it can also store 54 canned beverages, hence you can store all your unique craft beer cans or tonic water here as well!

Why buy this:
  • Specially designed for wine connoisseurs
  • 194 bottle capacity
  • Sleek and minimalist look
  • Perfect cooling performance
  • Equipped with Inverter Compressor
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2. Kadeka KA39WR Wine Chiller

Kadeka KA39WR Wine Chiller

Exquisite stainless steel wine chiller

The plethora of wine cooler options in the market makes choosing the perfect one to complement your modern home a bit challenging and overwhelming. If you are into a clean and minimalist design, or simply love the masculine stainless steel look, check out the compact Kadeka KA39WR Wine Chiller. Featuring 6 sliding wooden shelves with stainless steel trim, this wine chiller provides a 31 bottle capacity to properly store all your vintage wine.

Ideal wine storage conditions

Equipped with an adjustable cooling system designed to cool and chill your wine at a balanced-serving temperature, this wine cooler is touted to maintain an ideal wine storage condition. It offers a temperature range from 5 – 18 degree celsius which is perfect for aging your wines.

This free-standing chiller truly adds more value to its price as it has an auto-defrost function, humidity box, and charcoal filter that help optimize the storage conditions to preserve your wine’s aroma and flavour.

For other bottle capacities, check out Kadeka’s gorgeous steel series.

Why buy this:
  • Sports a clean, minimalist stainless steel design
  • 6 sliding wooden shelves with stainless steel trim
  • 31 bottle capacity
  • Adjustable cooling system for aging your wines properly
  • Compact and space-saving design
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3. EuropAce 33 Bottles Wine Cooler EWC1331S

wine cooler singapore Europace 33 bottles

Popular choice

One of the more popular wine coolers in Singapore, EuropAce’s wine cooler fits up to 33 bottles in a stylishly modern chrome design. The inside is lit by warm LED lights and the 3 layered mirrored glass insulates your premium wines while looking contemporary. The chrome shelves have anti-vibration and there is a convenient touch panel to control the temperature and settings easily. If you’re looking for a modern and spacious wine cooler to add to your kitchen or cellar, this could be the one for you. For a 15 bottle wine cooler, try the smaller EuropAce 15 Bottles Wine Cooler EWC152.

Why buy this wine cooler:
  • 33 bottle capacity
  • LED lighting
  • 3 layered mirrored glass
  • Shelves are anti-vibration
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4. Vintec 120 Bottles Classic Series Wine Cooler V160SG

vintec Classic Series Wine Cooler 120 Bottles V160SG

With 6 wooden shelves, the Vintec Classic Series fits up to 120 bottles of delicious full-bodied reds, crisp whites, and fruity roses for committed wine connoisseurs. Change the temperature from 6°C-16°C to your preference, with a Single Temperature Zone and a double-layered glass door that has a reversible hinge you can place on either the left or right side. It is equipped with a security lock so it can’t be easily broken into and the security thermostat ensures the temperature is monitored.

Vintec products are manufactured in Sweden and Denmark and incorporate Scandinavian elements into their designs. Their wine cabinets use a Thermal Recycling Pump to maintain humidity levels by heating condensed water to transform into the air which then disperses through the cabinet. Quality airflow is guaranteed with internal and external fans for consistent fresh air.

Why buy this wine cooler:
  • Thermal recycling pump maintains humidity levels
  • 120 bottle capacity
  • 6°C-16°C temperature range
  • Vibration reduction system

5. Mayer 46 Bottles Wine Cooler MMWC46MAG

Mayer Wine Chiller 46 Bottles MMWC46MAG

Mayer’s wine cooler fits a capacity of 46 bottles with 6 adjustable wooden shelves. It is designed to store wine at its best temperature ranges from 5°C-22°C, along with adjustable feet. The digital thermometer and humidity control box regulate temperature and moisture levels to keep the wine in an optimum environment. The tempered glass provides UV protection against damaging rays that can affect the quality of your wine. LED lighting, stainless steel design, and a black interior combine to give the cooler a smart appearance.

Why buy this wine cooler:
  • 46 bottle capacity
  • 5°C-22°C adjustable temperature range
  • Glass provides UV protection
  • Humidity control box

6. Mayer 99 Bottles Wine Cooler MMWC99MAG

mayer 99 bottles

Value for money

Fit up to a whole 99 bottles over 6 wooden shelves in the larger Mayer wine cooler, one of the more value for money wine cooler in Singapore. The adjustable digital temperature ranges from 5°C-18°C, which is an ideal environment for storing wine. It is stainless steel and offers 3 layered glass to protect your favourite reds and whites from UV damage. White LED interior light and blue LED work together in the wine cooler and operates at 100W of power. Voltage is 220-240V.

Why buy this wine cooler:
  • 99 bottle capacity
  • Adjustable digital temperature range
  • 3 layers of UV protected glass
  • Modern design

7. Brandt 126 Bottles Wine Cooler CB377V

wine cooler singapore Brandt 126 CB377V

Brandt’s wine cooler provides accurate temperature control to store up to 126 bottles of Chardonnay or champagne, in 7 wooden shelves. The temperature is easily adjustable, and generates 47dB of noise so it is not disruptive. This wine cooler has a vintage aesthetic, making it a great addition to classic homes. The Tecno SW-51 Under-Counter Wine Chiller (45-bottle) is built into your kitchen so it takes up less space. It has a 45 bottle capacity, which is still a great amount to fit in.

Why buy this wine cooler:
  • 126 bottle capacity
  • Adjustable temperature
  • 47dB noise level
  • Vintage appeal

8. Bosch 197 Bottles 2-Zone KSW38940

Bosch 2-Zone 197 Bottles KSW38940 wine chiller singapore

This Bosch wine cooler stores an impressive 197 bottles of wine, making it a great investment for restaurants or bars looking to store large amounts of high-quality wine. 2 digital thermometers monitor temperature precisely for both storing and serving. Set your preferred temperature on the digital controls easily from 5°C-22°C. The double-glazed glass door is tinted and provides UV protection against damaging rays that can spoil even the best of wines. An integrated fan maintains a consistent cool air circulating through the cooler and there is an auto-defrost to save you time, while it is also lockable to give you full peace of mind.

Why buy this wine cooler:
  • 197 bottles capacity
  • 2 digital thermometers
  • 5°C-22°C adjustable temperature
  • UV protected double glazed glass door

9. Tecno 16 Bottles Mini TWC52CDN

Tecno Mini 16 Bottles TWC52CDN

Looking for a compact wine cooler in Singapore? Tecno’s miniature wine cooler stores 16 bottles of your favourite wine in a compact, efficient design. The removable metal racks give a little more space and flexibility, while the double tinted door is high-quality tempered glass. Adjustable temperature settings give you full control to give your wine the optimum environment to mature in, spotlighted by blue LEDs. The energy-saving compressor is quiet so you can keep it in your kitchen as an attractive feature.

Why buy this:
  • 16 bottle capacity
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Energy-saving compressor
  • Double-glazed tinted glass

10. Takada Wine Cooler/Warmer Model JH-1C

wine cooler singapore Takada wine chiller

Takada’s wine chiller is a compact, convenient cooler that doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be stored somewhere while not in use. Because it is computer controlled, it creates the perfect drinking temperature to enjoy a glass of your favourite wine or a cool beverage at the end of a long shift or week. 8 temperature settings give you a lot of control over exactly how you enjoy your wine the best, from 5°C-50°C. It is quiet and environmentally friendly due to using thermoelectric cooling technology and doesn’t even need ice to keep your bottle cold for hours.

Why buy this:
  • Convenient and compact
  • 8 temperature settings
  • Thermoelectric cooling technology
  • Doesn’t require ice

Where to buy a wine cooler in Singapore?

You can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Shopee is my go-to for shopping electronics and appliances. It is also a great place to compare the prices of wine coolers in Singapore.

That’s our guide on the 10 Best Wine Coolers in Singapore! I hope that this guide has helped you find the best wine coolers in Singapore for your home. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful. Also, do check out our other buying guides below!

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