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World Chef is a resource management game from Social Point. In this game, you keep track of ingredients and recipes as you run a restaurant and feed hordes of hungry people. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you cut through bone and gristle.

Remember: It’s not a time management game

Though World Chef’s setup may remind you of a Diner Dash game at first glance, the object isn’t to serve your customers as quickly as possible. In fact, World Chef is meant to be played at a leisurely pace. You must build up your restaurant’s menu, expand to add more tables, and manage your ingredients and resources. Your customers won’t get up and leave if you don’t serve them quickly, but on the other hand, the faster you serve them, the more quickly new customers can file in.


Keep basic ingredients cooking constantly

Your meat and potatoes, so to speak, are the base ingredients that go into other dishes. Bread is always in high demand, as are beef patties. Cheese is another popular base ingredient. Always keep them cooking so that you can serve them to customers and fold them into other dishes.

Check the market every so often

Other players put ingredients up on the marketplace, so it’s worth checking it out once in a while. You may find a good deal!

Keep your ingredients stocked up

Nothing’s more aggravating in World Chef than planning a big cooking spree, only to have it cut short because you lack flour or beef. Make sure to keep a large stock of raw ingredients on-hand so you can cook without interruption.


Upgrade your storage (though not right away)

In the same vein, make sure to upgrade your storage when space gets tight. However, if you’re cooking at a near-constant rate, this shouldn’t happen for some time.

Save time by learning how to read customers’ icons

Your customers say a lot with the little pictures above their heads. Identifying them can save you the tedium of poking around to see what’s in demand. An exclaimation mark means the customer wants a dish that you don’t have cooked up yet. A checkmark means you have the dish on-hand (though you may want to use said dish as an ingredient for another, more complicated dish — it’s up to you). A coin means the customer is done and ready to pay you.

Actions under a minute cost nothing to finish up immediately

Like most free-to-play games, actions in World Chef take time, but counters can be sped up with hard currency (gems, in this case). However, once the counter reaches under 60 seconds, you can finish a task instantly for free. This is very handy for high-demand ingredients with relatively short wait times, like bread. When you need to make a lot of something, even taking a minute less can make a big difference.


If you’re going to spend gems on new slots, spend it on the Grill Helper or Dough Helper

You can open up slots in your chef’s workstations, which grants them higher yields. Spending gems to open up an extra slot at the Grill Helper and / or Dough Helper is a good idea, as you can never have enough meat and bread.

Listen to the head chef to keep sane

There’s a lot to keep track of in World Chef! Luckily, the head chef’s icon is on the upper-left hand side of the screen to help you out. Tap it to get an idea of which task you should tackle immediately.

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