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Universe Mode

This mode is probably the most creative, fun and interesting part of the game, It is also the final single-player section you’ll have to playthrough if you’ve stuck to this walkthrough in its entirety. This mode takes a simulation environment of the WWE and creates events, moments, scenes, relationships, developments of the entire roster and match card, to make your game unique and story driven based on the decisions made during each match.

Lets roll on with the mode!

To begin, head into the calender option under WWE Universe. And skip ahead to Wrestlemania, which should be a year ahead of where you are. Hit cn_X over it, and you should begin to simulate up to that point. When you arrive at the matchcard for ‘Mania, change the participants of any One on One match on the card, change them to The Undertaker VS Sting. Play the match as any superstar and win. This will give you

Now head into the following Raw after Wrestlemania. Go back onto the main menu of WWE universe, and select topdeblogs.comll down to Danial Brian, and select the ‘personality traits’ tab. Once here, raise the ”aggressive” bar slowly. Keep raising it until it just changes Daniels main trait from Perseverant to Aggressive, then go one tick down so it changes back to Perserverant, save these changes. Go into a match with Daniel, and change the match stipulation to a No-DQ match, meaning you can NOT be disqualified. Once the match begins, plan on ending the life of your opponent… I mean literally, give them your best chair shot, bell ring, steel step bash, hammer head whack- Hit them with everything! When you win the match, you will earn

Go back to Daniel, and change his Aggressive trait again, this time so it is only 1 tick away from being maxed out. Repeat the previous method of beatinf your opponent with weapons and you’ll unlock

Now head back to the calendar, and customise it by creating major shows between Monday and Saturday. Personally, I suggest deleting existing shows and creating something fresh, but do what you feel for this one, just fill out the week with major shows. Finally, make sure all these shows feature the same superstar on each show. This will unlock

Next go to the calendar again, and simulate up to the Royal Rumble event, then simulate the main Royal Rumble. Make sure you remember who it was that had one this match. Next, simulate again, this time up to Wrestlemania. Find the match with the Royal Rumble winner, and play as him. Win that match and you’ll earn

Next go to customise universe, then edit superstar, and try and find a superstar with a status effect of momentum/hot streak. Don’t worry if you can’t find someone, it isn’t essential. Have a superstar be in a rivalry, and feature a match of this rivalry around twice a week. Stack up wins during the rivalry by playing and winning each match and you’ll earn

Next simulate to wrestlemania again. Click on the World Heavyweight championship match, and it should notify you of a chance to cash in _______’s MITB contract. Cash it in and win the match with that superstar to unlock

Now you have to create the same match and (probably) multiple match cards. Choose Brock Lesnar V.S Heath Slater (This duo returns!) and put them in a no-holds barred match. Now beat the hell out of Heath. Spend 10-15 minutes in this match, continuously beating him. Multiple finishers, weapons, OMG! moments, use everything… Now repeat this on the following match, the same people, the same match type and tactic… everything… Repeat this until you unlock the following (should be about 3 -5 matches)

Next, simulate around 5 months or more into the future, and you’ll unlock

Now, keep on playing this mode, in any way you would like. Keep playing it and you’ll eventually unlock

YOU DID IT! All single player modes are done, the grind is about 90% done… You’ve made it through the offline mode. HOWEVER- be quick to move into online, as its an online server, and as previous WWE game shave gone, some don’t last forever… Take note and move swiftly! Congratulations again

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