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How Long Do Yorkie Poos Live? (2021) – We Love Doodles

How Long Do Yorkiepoos Live

For a small dog, you must be wondering how long do Yorkie Poos live. Getting a pet is an investment that involves time, dedication, and lots of love. The hardest part tends to come years later, but you want to make sure your puppy will live a long time.

After spending time with a loving, faithful, and loyal companion by your side, having to say goodbye eventually is one of the most difficult things. We know that all dogs don’t age the same way so it’s important to choose a dog with a long lifespan. In general, Yorkie Poos will 10 to 15 years when healthy. However, there are several variables that can affect their lifespan.

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Yorkie Poo Life Expectancy

Yorkie poo Life Expectancy

Yorkie Poo’s can live anywhere from ten to fifteen years. However, fifteen doesn’t have to be their limit and they can live much longer if their owner ensures them a healthy lifestyle and addresses their needs well.

Yorkie Poo’s don’t do well alone, so try not leaving them alone for long hours. If you work a 9 to 5 job, consider leaving them at home can be detrimental to their health.

Additionally, be careful not to overfeed your Yorkie Poo. Studies show that overweight dogs have a significantly lower lifespan by approximately 2 1/2 years. Of course, the weight can vary depending on your Yorkie Poo. Some tend to lean more to the Yorkie side, while others seem to take after the Poodle.

However, these pups usually never weigh more than 15lbs. So if they are tipping the scales, cut back on the doggy treats and spend more time walking (it’s a win-win for both you and the doggy) since overweight Yorkipoo’s tend to die prematurely.

Yorkie Poo Dog Breed Info

Yorkie poo Dog Breed Info

Yorkie Poo is also known as Yorkiedoodle’s. They’re adorable puppies that are considered a designer breed. Crossbreeds have always been bred to have the appealing characteristics of their purebred counterparts. Regarding the Yorkie Poo, they’re a mixture of the Yorkshire Terrier and the Toy Poodle created to be a hypoallergenic dog that is versatile and easy to care for.

If you thought you could never have a puppy due to your pet allergies, you’re in luck. Yorkie Poos are mostly hypoallergenic. With minimal to no shedding, this dog will not have your eyes itching or your nose running. Yorkie Poo’s are also so conveniently sized. If you live in a big city and want a pet that is the perfect size for your small apartment, the Yorkie Poo is a great pet to think about getting.

How long do Yorkie poo’s live

Have you ever seen your friend trying to train her dog tirelessly? No matter how many treats the dog is fed, how many times they repeat the training….. it just doesn’t seem to stick. With Yorkies, you won’t have to worry about repeating yourself at all. Yorkieppo’s are swift learners. The reason behind their intelligence is that the Yorkies are already quite smart, but Yorkie Poo’s intelligence also takes after the Poodle.

A fun fact is that Poodles are ranked the second most intelligent breed out of 138 breeds only behind the Border Collie. You won’t have any trouble training a Yorkie Poo. Most people dread the first couple of weeks of having a new puppy in their home. First, you have to break them in, teach them where they can and cannot go in the house, and even teach them potty rules.

For most, this period can be a real hassle. However, Yorkipoo’s won’t be a problem at all. As long as you’re following a training program, you’re guaranteed success. Keep in mind that Yorkie Poo’s are sensitive souls, so harsh training methods won’t work; instead, they need lots of praise and encouragement.

Be friendly, patient, and have doggy-treats handy. The biggest challenge you may face is, Yorki Poo’s can get bored quickly if they don’t feel challenged or feel that the activity is too repetitive.

Are you a party animal? Love having people over? Or you’re just starting a family and want someone that gets along with the kids? Yorkie Poo’s are great since they love people. They aren’t as territorial as Yorkies (so don’t worry about them catching an attitude if you sit on their side of the sofa) and treat strangers as if they were long-lost friends. You don’t have to worry about them getting all weirded out when friends come over since these dogs love to be part of all the action.

Like Yorkies, Yorkie Poos don’t like being left alone and rather be exploring with their owner than home alone. Especially since they have a more playful nature and higher energy, they require more exercise.

Conclusion For How Long Do Yorkie Poos Live

How Long Do Yorkie poos Live

Before committing yourself to any pet, it’s essential to do more research about what they need to eat, how often they should be walked, and what illnesses you should look out for. Most importantly, showing these adorable companions lots of love is the key to make sure that they are happy and will stick by your side for a very long time. If you’re not sure if you’re compatible with the Yorkie Poo, check out our list of Doodle breeds to find the one for you.

In general, Yorkiepoos live 10 to 15+ years which is considered a long time in dog years. Smaller dogs tend to live longer lives than larger dogs. Additionally, crossbred dogs tend to live longer than their purebred parents due to fewer hereditary issues.

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